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Model a C ++ class that manages a collection of complex numbers defined by the attributes: length of type int, a pointer of numeric type (int, float, double) for an array with the real part of the complex numbers and a similar one for the imaginary part.The class will contain a constructor no parameter that […]

Wage calculator

Visual Studio program that Calculate pay button so it calculates Rate based on Level then calculates total pay which is Rate * Hours. Using the variable values and concatenating text display a message in a message box like the following:Hello Bill your total pay on 02/27/18 is $450 (10 Points) Level 1 – $10Level 2 […]

visual studio

I already coded everything except for the if statements. I cant figure out how to convert the number grade to letter grade Please help Here is the homework. Program the Calculate Grade button so it displays the numeric average of the three tests in the Test Average label. Use If statements Program the Calculate Grade […]

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