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Discussion- Negotiation 7

During this week, look at these questions as your focus for discussion.  Use APA style format citation.  Respond to each question with 275 words. Responses should be clear and concise. 1.  While an Impasse is “a condition or state of conflict in which there is no apparent quick or easy resolution”, what are some of […]

Discussion Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory

after reading Chapters  13 and 14 answer the following discussion prompts, citing information using APA citation format. Each prompt should use 137 words in response. Be clear and concise. Prompt 1: What does it mean to say, as Berger and Luckmann do, that reality is socially constructed? Do you agree that reality is a social […]


Over the semester you have learned about some of the basic sociological perspectives that can enhance our understanding of the world and how you and other people fit (and sometimes experience disconnection or exclusion) within it. We started by considering our individual social location/position and how that compares with people who inhabit the world in […]

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What do you think are the effects of the stimulus packages for the US economy? As we know, the government (the White House, Congress, and the Fed) provided massive stimulus funds to households and companies in the form of direct grants or loans with borrowed money. Was it a good decision? Please think of its […]

Counseling with youth

Go to the following website: .  Next, click on “Publications” (the right-hand side of the page, under Search and start exploring.  This is a federal agency and nearly all the resources are free to download, many come in multiple languages, can be searched by Issues, Substances, Treatment, etc. Your assignment is to look through […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Develop an 8 10-page digital marketing strategy for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer.)IntroductionDigital marketing and social media have completely changed the face of marketing. It is not that the older tools and models no longer work (they do!) but, rather, that these tools […]

BP oil spill and Crisis Communication

This is a Case Study of the BP Oil Spill: Deepwater Horizon, and Benoit’s Image Repair Theory. Takes a look into how BP tried the image repair theory and how it worked/didnt6-7 pages double space 12 pt. times new romanThis takes a look at the review of literature that I have already written and expands […]

Identifying HR Issues at the McDonalds franchisee, Credle Enterprises, LLC in Dallas Texas.

I need to show my understanding of HR topics discussed in the text.The purpose of the paper is to show your understanding of HR topics. You will be expected to look at the topic from two points of viewthe organizations view and the employees view. You are to use archival data for this project as […]

Sociology Theory paper

Final Paper guidelines 4 sections in the paper 1. 3 pages ( situation ) 2.Theory 3 pages ( Balance theory) 3.Analysis 2 pages4.Comments 1 page Section 1 write a story/situation you are very familiar with and write it using dialogue from the situation and is if the professor was no there. Pieces of dialogue are […]

Smartphones and CEO Management

Discussion Questions essay :Do you believe that the CEO of a company can effectively do his or her job of leading without being always accessible? If you, as the CEO, were to get rid of your phone, how would you ensure that lines of communication remain open? Elaborate on one-on-one and company-wide communication options, currently […]

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