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C++ Pointers Lab

Create two triangle classes, one where the internal properties are stored on the stack and one where the internal properties are stored on the heap.  Each triangle should have a base, height, and a function that returns the area. Triangles 1:  Create a vector of triangles where everything is stored on the stack.  Triangles 2: […]

Assembly program

Perform a program written in ASSEMBLY 486, on Linux, with the requirements indicated below Requirements: The program should ask the user for the name of the file to be read. The program opens a text file and performs one of the following operations: 1- Read the contents of the file, change the lowercase to uppercase […]

Linux Project

Objectives: To install and configure a SIP based IP-telephony server. To be introduced on some telephony features an IP-PBX can provide. To gain a basic knowledge on SIP server troubleshooting tools.Tasks:1- Install and configure a SIP based open source PBX.2- Configure, connect and test a SIP based soft phone to the installed PBX.3- Implement the […]

Python code

USER – CONTACTUser ContactBrinda has recently joined a company and she is working as a software engineer. She was associated with a project to work on relationships. To get hold of the topic she starts writing a code where she takes the details of her colleagues and displays them in an ordered way. Let’s help […]

C programming

I need to have a fully working C program, There are five data (plain text) files, namely, the students.txt, courses.txt, registrations.txt, criteria.txt, and performances.txt that keep information. Student file keeps the information about students such as the student number, name, surname, and department in abbreviated form. Course file keeps the information about courses such as […]

Simulating Cache and Virtual Memory Assignment

Tasks:  1. Download    the    file    cache.c    from    the    Assignment8    drop    box.2. Implement    code    at    each    comment    containing    TODO:    that    performs    the    operation    described    in    the    comment.  3. The    code    includes    […]

Research paper writing on topic “Federated machine learning”

Content: Total word page limit 6-8 pages in IEEE format (you can add 1-2 more pages if you want)Topic: Federated machine learningTitle: Attractive title on any subtopic related to the topic. (title must include the main topic)Abstract: Within 6000- 7000 wordsIntroduction: Broad announcement of the topic, motivation, contribution and organization.Your Study Report: You should study […]

Operating Systems Concept Question Quick Help

PLEASE EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING OPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION AND SOLUTION TO THE QUESTION IF IT IS THE RIGHT SOLUTION. Consider an index-based file system with the inode containing 64 indexes, 1 indirect index pointing to a disk block containing an array of direct indexes, and 1 2-level index in the usual way. Assume that each index […]

Suicide Checkers C++ Assignment

in terms of the documentation(please refer to the attached pdf project brief), please write a brief paragraph of each of the following ” Background and problem understanding “;” Quality of engineering output”;” Critical analysis and evaluation” and i will expand on them. And please include any information, citations and references you believe are important to […]

Traffic flow simulation C++

This semester the class will create a computer model of traffic flow through an intersection. It can consist of a train-crossing as part of traffic control or a cross walk. Originality and creativity is appreciated. Your program must make use of. 1. functions 2. classes 3. object oriented programming 4. read file 5. notes in […]

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