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CString class

Each modern programming language provides a way of expressing character strings. For instance, in C language, there is no built-in data type for strings, but instead, they appear as null-terminated character arrays. However, there is a library named string.h that includes several predefined string-handling functions. In C++, on the other hand, there is no built-in […]

graph representation of this code

Please write out a graph that represents the code below. This code creates a graph using Dictionary (denoted by { }). graph = { “a” : [“c”],           “b” : [“c”, “e”],           “c” : [“a”, “b”, “d”, “e”],           “d” : [“c”], […]

extract sentences and numbers

Part I – download a book1.    Download a copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle from the Project Gutenberg website – . Make sure that the file you download is a UTF-8 format file. Using a UTF-8 format file will ensure that any “special” characters that fall outside of the […]

Critter 2.0

Modify the Critter Caretaker game from the book by adding an unlisted (not shown to the player) debug option in the menu to give exact values of m_hunger and m_boredom. Secondly, the critter only mentions how bored it is – make your critter more expressive by having it mention how hungry it is as well.


C# code debugging.Debug the C# code (solution.doc) which allows user to delete any existing node whose child nodes are internal nodes. Line code is 160 (2 or 3 lines of code). I get stock overflow when I try to remove Node 19. Can you take a look?Also, write something about the error and how did […]

Physics programming on electrical fields

The assignment would consist of creating a program in VPython that will place eight 1-nC charges at the following coordinates (in meters): <0,0,0>, <0,0,1>, <0,1,0>, <0,1,1>, <1,0,0>, <1,0,1>, <1,1,0>, and <1,1,1>. It will then ask for the x, y, and z coordinates of a point in space. The program should then draw arrows (of the […]

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