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Case Scenario

for this assignment, you will be working through a series of questions asking you to interpret orders like those you would see in a hospital pharmacy. Download this Word document containing the questions and add your answers in the spaces provided. Some of the answers may require you to show your work.

BOEING 7E7 case study

This assignment does not need to do extra research, it should purely be based on personal knowledge. I uploaded the case as well, feel free to let me know if you need any more infos.Write one-page analysis about what should the Board do? Why might the board vote yes even if the base case IRR […]

Projects Module assignment

In this assignment you have to watch the videos of my classmates project modules that I have attached and then you are required to  take notes while watching each project (bulleted, complete sentences, whatever you prefer). The following are need for the notes:Concerns and questions you had about the format and content each group providedChallenges […]


In the following assignment you have to answer the second  question according to the video and question one and three are not from the video.1.Amber Guyger is a police officer who killed an intruder in her home. True/False 2.What does the Rodney King case tell us about how race relations have or have not changed […]

Coping and Rehabilitation

please create a 20 page powerpoint about coping and Rehabilitation This powerpoint should serve as if you (I) are teaching the class about Coping & Rehabilitation in the powerpoint be sure that you include :All information must be pulled from the chapters given in the powerpoint Define Coping?what are different ways people copethe mechanism people […]

there, there

Among 2019’s most acclaimed books is Tommy Oranges debut novel There, There. The book begins with a poignant prologue describing the devastating history of genocide and violent removal of Native Americans from their lands, setting the stage for a contemporary story about the urban Native American experience in the city of Oakland (California). The characters […]


For Journal 4, read the following two poems and write a response. Turkey People by Brynn Noelle Saito Easter: Wahiawa, 1959 by Cathy Song After you have read the two poems, comment, in 3 paragraphs, what these poems seem to have in common. Of course, this will go beyond the group these poems […]

Forensic investigation

Using Encase 8.11 investigate and analyse image file that contains evidence items supporting a particular case scenario – it is your job to examine this image file for evidential artefacts, and to build a picture of the case scenario. (Different forensic tools  should be used in some parts of the investigation) Case Scenario Case Name: […]

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