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Microbiology questions

I need the following 3 questions answered. I will upload class notes and pages from the textbook for reference. 1. What is a character-based tree and how is it more complicated than a distance-based tree? 2.  A new genetic analysis of the fungi indicates that there were four different independent losses of the flagellum among […]

What is ebola

This is a PowerPoint presentation on the epidemiology and burden of Ebola. It needs to have at least 5 reliable sources with a minimum of 2 primary journal articles in CSE format. I can send over the rubric. Its an oral presentation but I need the PowerPoint part and the information about Ebola to be […]

Revision of BIO 320 Lab Report

Please reference the excellent Microbio lab report example for this revision. A major part that needs to be is the materials and method section, and results section. Please fix the data tables using Excel and please go more in depth, but too in depth with the materials and method section. Format this paper in columns. […]

Identification & Characterization of Isolate from Skin Microflora

I need a formal lab report as instructed on the uploaded manual pages. The results are uploaded as well. There needs to be an Introduction, Material and method (written out in narrative form), Results, Conclussion, and Discussion ending with References (at least 3-4 to be used. This report needs to be in US English and […]

Biochemistry and Metabolism

I have put the results in the charts and tables now I need the questions answered on the uploaded Datasheet. I will also upload the Lab manual instructions. Some results have a ? next to it. These results I am not certain are correct. Please correct anything you may find incorrect in the charts and […]

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