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Gatsby: Writing my Claim

Refer to the worksheet attached for instructions. This is based off of the book The Great Gatsby. I have attached the book if needed. Use this worksheet to help you think through writing your claim. Take the time to work through each of the steps.


You are requested to provide a discussion about the role of Laser in operative dentistry. The assignment should cover the following points: – What is Laser? – What are the different types of Laser? – Interaction of Laser with the tissues – Types of Laser used in Operative Dentistry. – Applications of Laser in Operative […]

Why we should take sides

Why we need to take sides: This is what i have so far, try and make it like this sort of, and remember its an argumentitve The Importance of Taking SidesElie Wiesel once said, We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. This quote […]

Principles of analytics

    explain the range of internal and external customers and stakeholders, that people professionals work with, and the part that influencing plays within the relationships (2.1)     explain what is meant by creating value as a people professional, and identify benefits of providing value to customers and stakeholders (2.2)     drawing on good practice examples, […]

Based on the story Notes From Under Ground …outline and write an essay to address the question.

Thesis Examples ( DO NOT USE PLEASE BECAUSE IT’LL BE COPYING) this is just an example to start with. please if you can talk about the intricate analytical depth capability the protagonist has that would be great! Although the character has an analytical ability to assess individuals and situations which renders him cautious, this gift […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Hello Amaterasu, I can not reach out to my other account, lets continue the project that we have which was about transgender childer and their parent’s support. The funs that I’ve already talked about with the support team will be transferred to your account. This essay has to show how the parents will support their […]

How do Hamlets seven soliloquies reveal his character?

Hi! I need an essay about Hamlet’s seven soliloquies. About how do they reveal/show his character. I have attached my notes and the rubric in PDFs. The notes should be very helpful so please look at them. Look thoroughly at the rubric before writing the essay.  Also, remember to cite as noted: O, my offense […]

Should students have social media

Give reasons on why we shouldn’t have social media.States a clear, supportable claim; States an alternate or opposing claim. States reasons that support and enhance the claim; Refers to and supports all reasons throughout the argument.Includes convincing, relevant, and specic facts and details from the text that support the claim and reasons stated; Reader understands […]


Literary Devices Choose one or two of the literary devices we have been focusing on (repetition, imagery, symbol, or irony) and explain how the author, Tim O’Brien, uses the technique(s) to show the impacts of war (essential question #1). You will first need to answer the question: What are the impacts of war? Once you […]

Sam Houston attribute of develop in Battle of San jacinto

How does General Sam Houston use the attribute develops (or not develop) his soldiers during these events of the Battle of San Jacinto? 1. march 11- Sam Houston takes command of the Texan Army at Gonzales. how does he develop or doesn’t during the training and modernizing Texan army 2. march 29- the city of […]

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