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Hotel and Restaurant School sustainable transition in vocational school

It should be include: –    An introduction that starts with a broad introduction within the field chosen. This should lead up to the specific problem analysis and problem statement/research question, which shall henceforth govern the structure and contents of the project. –    A State-of-the-Art literature review on existing related literature in the area of research […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please cover the following question: Why should an organisation be committed to workforce diversity and inclusivity? Should organisations evaluate such a commitment? Consider and examine. Using the sources below plus any extra reference if necesarry Kalleberg, A. (2001) Organizing Flexibility: The Flexible Firm in a New Century, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 39(4) 479-504 Legge, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please cover the question: In your own words, define equality of opportunities and diversity management policies. Identify the differences and similarities between the two models. Using the sources below and any extra necessary reference Recommended: Ernst Kossek, E and pilcher, S. (2007) EEO and the management of Diversity (in) P. Boxall, J. Purcell and P. […]

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