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Tourism and desination

Task: You work for a travel agency called sensational travel. The agency has an in-house travel magazine that is used to inform and educate staff across the country. Your manager has asked you to prepare an article for the magazine explaining how Rhodes’ appeal has changed as it has progressed through the stages of the […]

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practiced in Saudi Arabia

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practised in Saudi Arabia(Counter-Terrorism from Within Assessing Saudi Arabias Religious Rehabilitation and Disengagement Programme(Boucek (2008))Try to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the interventions in their specific contexts. What can be improved? What obstacles do governments face while implementing rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for former extremist offenders?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Talk about the 9 ps for catering food and beverage service for premium weddings so were a premium catering service Presentation speech My prof comment: The point actually makes sense because you would be discussing product, price,place, promo, people, process, physical evidence, potential partnership (e.g. with a florist) and payment they key is how you […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Using two sectors of economic infrastructure contrasting them to lecture materials : 1,2,3,4,5 – show your understanding Lecture materials/readings will be at the end. Please use them all.Reference list should be at least 10-20 sources.  Half need to be from the reading list, the rest can be ofwat/ofgem… Up to youtotal of 3 powerpoints, 2 […]

Accenture ethical code case study

Identify 4 issues by using PEST analysis based on Accenture ethical code(attached files), analyze 4 issues by applying concepts. Using 5 additional material(attached files) for references. Making recommendations for 4 issues (this case study doesnt need introduction and conclusion, just follow the instruction above to write essay is ok.)

Law and Procurement – Several Case studies where you advise the parties involved in different scenarios

The module is called Procurement Law. We are given 5 different case studies, each varying. You must advise parties involved in what actions should or shouldn’t be taken. Max words are 3000 with 10% lee-way (So, 600 words to each) We have been advised to use notes supplied from lectures with minimal use of outside […]


It’s for International HRM. The topic is in the file Deliveroo. I uploaded chapters from the book relevant to the topic of the essay. In addition, to the ones in the document. You can use additional external news reference for examples or in case needed.

Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd

Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd Suggest an outline approach for the management of infrastructure projects/programmes in Crossrail’s setting In the fifth and final learning journal section submission, I would like you to take the time to reflect and summarise all of your learning on the concepts in this module. You should […]

Islamism and How its Developments will Drive Terrorism Trends Worldwide

You are required to write a 2,000-word briefing paper. In addressing the subject, you are required to produce a list of policy recommendations for governments and policy-makers:1.    Some experts argue that despite the territorial defeat of ISIS, its ideology is still alive. Critically discuss the outlook for Islamism globally over the next years and how […]

Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd

Based on the week 2 learning journal where you discussed the project planning and front-end issues of your setting, in Week 3 submission you are required to discuss the value issues related to the project(s) in your setting. In so doing please relate to your own experience, case study discussions, theory and conceptual contributions from […]

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