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Leader Assessment and Analysis

Write a 4-6 pages paper explaining Carl Shnieder’s strengths according to these assessments by the 3 observers, their leadership limitations/weaknesses, a strategy for engaging their strengths, and a strategy for improvement in areas in which he may be lacking. The scale is 1-10. The attached documents consist of Carl’s ratings of himself (SELF) and the […]

The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner

Submit a 7 page book summary evaluating the textbook. In the introduction explain the overall purpose or theme of the book. Then, in the body of the paper summarize the most important concepts presented in the book. Conclude by explaining your opinion of this book and the most important aspects that you will personally apply. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

READ; Chapter 17: “Minni Fisher Cunningham’s Back Door Lobby in Texas: Political Maneuvering in a One-Party State” by Judith N. McArthur in One Woman, One Vote (p. 315-332). WRITE a one page journal answering this question. What does McArthur argue was unique about the Texas Women’s Suffrage movement? How was this different than the work […]

Schwab’s concept of the shaping of the future

Each student will write a ten (10) paged research paper, with attachedbibliography, on one of the topics as specified below. The papers will be gradedbased upon the assessment instrument given below. Please use consistently theChicago Manuel of Style or a manual of style of your preference. The papers aredue by the end of the day […]

Cumulative Review essay

Read the attachments in order then write a 9 page essay reviewing the major themes and interpretations. When citing, use the same type of citing that is used in the notes. on the essay, I will do the works cited page and the bibliography. It will need an intorduction but no conclusion. 

Prompt response

Hi, everyone! On to this week’s work and Prompts: Were heading into WWII this week and also encountering many historiographic debates. You know the routine here. See you online with more grades coming over this week. This week, US foreign policy and WWII, often called “The Good War” by some historians, if there is such […]

Discussion 8

Michel Foucault, Discipline & Punish (Part III and sections of Part IV/pp. 170-228, 248-256, 269-277) USE THE ASSIGN PAGES PLEASE DO NOT USE DIFFRENT PAGES I expect you to refer directly to the textand to cite the works correctly so you master citation and footnotes. You should pose two questions organizedaround the following issues:1. What […]


HIST 1493 Paper AssignmentThis paper will help you develop research, critical thinking, and writing skills. This should enhance both analytical and communication skills as well as demonstrate how to examine evidence and write an argument. You will write a short essay using only the sources that I have provided.1. Excerpts from the Black Codes of […]

Assess the status of colonization in Winnipeg.

Assess the status of colonization in Winnipeg. Papers must conform to the most recent edition of the Chicago manual of style. You must use footnotes. No headings or spaces between paragraphsDouble spaced. You must have a reference listPeer- viewed sourcesYou must incorporate three-class reading and at LEAST three out-of-class academic sources. Total references are 6 […]

Replies NBST 520 Discussion Thread: Blog

*** at least 200 words per students The student must then post two (2) replies of at least 200 words each by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned Module: Week. The student is required to interact with all assigned materials, including textbooks and presentations, and document all sources used (including textbooks and presentations) […]

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