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Global and Regional Factors of Yemen

Instructions are in the “Paper Instructions.jpg” file. This paper will be about the Global and Regional Factors of Yemen, slides 3 and 4 of the presentation. This is more a report than a research paper. I will need you to cover the facts mentioned in the two slides above and go more in-depth in order […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a paper in which you consider each of the following functions in turn, and identify the most important key recent development of each:  human resource management and development; civil rights, affirmative action and diversity for public organizations; budgeting for the public sector; public policy and management; and administrative law.  Write a conclusion in which […]

International Relations

Please review the images for instructions Make sure you focus on the Theoretical framework, operationalization and measurement of variables, Data acquisition, and reporting and analysis. MAKE SURE YOU RESPOND TO THE HYPOTHESIS Please add a survey of 10 participants, 5 questions (I need the survey questions in Appendix) Please make sure you use Statistics in […]

Immigration Reform 1986

A 1525 page research paper will afford an opportunity for students to complete an in-depth investigation of policy formation in an area of your choice, such as health, environmental, or housing policy. Using materials in the public record, students will prepare a “legislative history” of one national policy statute which analyzes how a public problem […]

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