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Homeland Security

For this assignment you will conduct research on the career path you plan to pursue, and develop  an Outline, 3 page paper, and find an job description that addresses the following: -Professional Organizations – Find a minimum of three professional organizations that may help you get into your desired career field. -Volunteer Opportunities – […]

exercise physiology

KHS 220 RESEARCH METHODS ARTICLE SUMMARY For this two-part assignment, you will choose one original research article related to your research question. You will first summarize the article in 1 page, then 1-2 sentences. The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn to write in a more concise manner. The summary must be […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

How would you define economic or social class so as to classify contemporary U.S. society into meaningful groups? What criterion or criteria would you use to distinguish one class from another (income, education, occupation, ownership, power, etc.)? Using your chosen criteria, what does the overall class structure of the United States look like (what are […]


Part 1:  IntroductionWho are you?What do you do in your work life?  Does it have anything to do with healthcare systems?What are your expectations of this course and of this class (classmates and instructor)?What do you expect to contribute to this course?  What will you bring to the table?How much experience do you have in […]

Aging and the elderly

This is sociology class , the instructions are below : Is 60 the new 30? Baby Boomers make up 35% of our adult population. They are the highest-earning and most educated generation in North American history. Baby Boomers have redefined aging and the elderly in North America. During the agricultural era, old age began around […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read a selection of your colleagues postings. As you read their responses, note those to which you would like to respond with advice, questions, comments, and/or encouragement. Respond to two or more of your colleagues who chose a different scenario than you. Suggest alternative strategies for dealing with the scenario(s). Return to this Discussion in […]

Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing, which includes screening and diagnostic tests, can provide valuable information on the babys health. Screening tests may help identify whether an increased risk for certain genetic disorders exists. While a diagnostic test, such as chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis, can provide a more definitive answer, diagnostic tests can also come with a slight […]


CBRNE is an enduring public threat health, safety, national security, economic, political stability, and more.  Such an event/crisis poses challenges for homeland security.  Recall the anthrax attacks in the U.S. in 2001 (e.g., Hart Senate Building and Brentwood Post Office and remediation efforts to return the facilities to use and public concern). Use your search […]


Describe an historical (1984-2015) WMD/CBRN attack (e.g., biological or chemical incidences that have occurred in the past 30 years. Explain a remediation strategy if your selected event had occurred/did occur in the U.S.  Include in your response cost, time, risk communication, public perception.

Brown as a Cold War Case

READ; Mary L. Dudziak, Brown as a Cold War Case, Journal of American History, Volume 91, Issue 1, June 2004, Pages 3242 Investigate one other example of how the Cold War supports and undermines the pursuit of civil rights in the United States. Only a 1 Page Journal

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