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Performance Evaluation, Training, Motivation and Summary

You will use the same job you discussed for paper 1.You MUST answer the following questions in paragraph form:1. Provide your job title and one or two sentences about your job responsibilities to help me remember your job from paper 1. 2. Describe and explain one of the following performance evaluation methodsa. behavioral checklistb. behaviorally […]

Quality Management and Process Improvement

At their upcoming meeting, the physician partners have requested that you present an outline for a quality management program for the practice.List and breifly describe  four major components in your plan. Remember, all healthcare organzitions say they provide “quality care”  but how is this defined?


1.  In the Rigoberta Menchu video, what part of her story and her dreams for indigenous peoples most resonates with you? 2.  What similarities and differences do you see between the 1960s struggle for justice for aboriginal peoples in Australia and the 1960s U.S. Civil Rights Movement? 3.  The Zapatista movement in southern Mexico used […]

public health

The purpose of this exercise is to provide you an opportunity to analyze the benefits and safety profiles of a healthcare organization. Visit the website of a local hospital (do not select a healthcare SYSTEM like Hackensack-Meridian but rather one of the hospitals in the system 1.How many total employees are at the hospital?2.What benefits […]


Biotechnology is the use of a living thing or any part of a living thing to make a product or process that improves human life. Choose 1 of the following biotechnology applications: in vitro fertilizationDNA profilingVaccinesGenetically modified organisms (GMOs)Gene therapyIn an APA-formatted report, research the topic that you have chosen, and answer the following 5 […]

Mock wedding toast speech

You will deliver a  3-4 minute  wedding toast-style speech live over Zoom, celebrating the pretend marriage between  one celebrity  (any famous public figure, past or present, which can include actors, musical artists, athletes, authors, and politicians) and  one fictional character  (someone from TV, film, literature, comics, videogames, etc). Unlike previous speech assignments, you can now […]

does your policy address safety, quality, or improved outcomes of care for patients?

Resource needed as well: Patient safety and quality of patient care are the focus of some of the largest changes within health care. IHIs Triple Aim initiative, as well as the Joint Commission and QSEN, are aimed at improving both the safety and quality of health care. This Assignment gives you the opportunity to […]

M8.7 Reflection Paper

Introduction Imagine yourself as a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst in a major organization or federal agency.  From what you have learned in this course, what would be the most important vulnerability and a threat to your organization?  Instructions Evaluate the various cybersecurity areas of concern you have studied in the areas of: Web Application SecurityMobile ApplicationsSoftware […]

M8.5 Discussion

This is a two part paper: first part is the instruction below once I post the first part I will provide the second which is three short responses to other students post. IntroductionIt is always advisable to grant only the minimum required privileges to the users and applications to ensure system security. In this activity, […]

Google makes us stupid?

For the final paper, write a five-paragraph essay on the ideas expressed in Is Google Making Us Stupid OR How Smartphones Are Making Us Stupid OR Be A Gamer, Save The World. The essay should open with a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph (first paragraph) and have three separate points expressed one point at […]

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