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Over the semester you have learned about some of the basic sociological perspectives that can enhance our understanding of the world and how you and other people fit (and sometimes experience disconnection or exclusion) within it. We started by considering our individual social location/position and how that compares with people who inhabit the world in […]

Sociology Theory paper

Final Paper guidelines 4 sections in the paper 1. 3 pages ( situation ) 2.Theory 3 pages ( Balance theory) 3.Analysis 2 pages4.Comments 1 page Section 1 write a story/situation you are very familiar with and write it using dialogue from the situation and is if the professor was no there. Pieces of dialogue are […]

Short Discussion

Textbooks often focus on ‘adult’ crimes and what happens with adults in the justice system and less on young people. The Vera Center in New Orleans has put together a digital report that provides an interesting look at crime and misbehavior of young people and that gives us an interesting perspective.. (Links to an […]

Korean Society and Culture

*PLEASE STRICTLY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE PAPER*The main important thing to do is watch all of the two hours lecture video(narritives)without skipping.Please pay attention to every single word of professor in the lecture video!And you will also need to refrence some related readings along with the lecture videos(will update reading lists).After that,try to understand […]

Black’s don’t value marriage as much as other groups

  Below is an article I chose. All I need is for the questions below to be answered from the Article provided so that I can apply them to a PowerPoint presentation. Th answers don’t have to be crazy in depth because again it is going to be on a slide in a PowerPoint presentation. […]

Your McDonalized Life

INSTRUCTIONS-  Instructors may select one or a combination of the options below, or give students a choice between them. The students should write a total of 8 to 10 pages combined. Students should use their textbook, supplemental readings, and 3 additional valid sources (newspaper, magazine or journal articles, books) per paper. All citations and the […]

Institutions and Social Change

1. Briefly outline the major shfts in the economy, families, schools, and other structures that have shaped suburban and urban life over the last 100 years. Use readings, the material from the last section on social stratification, and Professor’s lecture on understanding urban centers. 2. What have you been learning so far in your research […]

SOAP notes

Please answer the following questions. Bob is a 35 year old black male who came into care on Feb. 14th 2015. He lives with his wife and two children Bob Jr. and Mary. He works at the Motor Vehicle Administration office in western Maryland. His current address is 1934 BTS Street in Baltimore Maryland, he […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the Course Summation Paper Instructions and the then follow my instructions bellow to help you write this one page (double spaced) paper. In this one page (double spaced) paper, follow the following outline when writing :1.Check the topics covered in this course (see the attached file Topics) and choose one or more topic(s) to […]

Discussion 12

This week’s focus is on a topic that is slowly gaining focus in the media.  Forced sterilization has occurred throughout history, and it is especially important to discuss since it is a stark contrast from the right to bear children awarded by the Constitution.  In short, forced sterilization occurs when a woman is given a […]

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