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Counseling with youth

Go to the following website: .  Next, click on “Publications” (the right-hand side of the page, under Search and start exploring.  This is a federal agency and nearly all the resources are free to download, many come in multiple languages, can be searched by Issues, Substances, Treatment, etc. Your assignment is to look through […]

Physical, Cognitive, and Socioemotional Development in Early Adulthood

We do not need sex to survive in the same way that we need food and water; however, sex is needed for the survival of the species. Describe the five sexual scripts and their relation to stereotypical patterns of role prescriptions for how young adults should behave sexually.

Psychology (Life Span Development): Technology vs Teenagers

Technology appears to be significantly more enticing to young people and children. So much so that in some countries, technology has been classified as addictive; technology addiction treatments are gaining popularity. Do you believe we should offer similar treatments in our country? Why or why not? In 350-500 words, explain your position. In your discussion, […]

The Crime of Insanity

Watch the Frontline documentary A Crime of Insanity and review the website A Crime of InsanityInsanity on Trial | Frontline | PBS. Summarize the Ralph Tortorici case. What are the most important points for a criminology class? What are some important lessons from your assigned reading that should be included? Purpose: To explore the legal […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

(no research is required, but course content is)A.    Historical & course influence: (about 5 pages)As you examine this course and the history of psychology, what are the significant movements and influences that effect your psychological world view? Integrate course lectures/discussions, presentations, readings into a paper that addresses how psychology has evolved and where it is […]

Research Journal Paper

The text of the paper needs to consist of 8 parts: 1) A title page with running head, 2) an introduction, that explains the topic and why you chose it, 3) a summary of the research design, its hypothesis, assumptions, or theory the author used for the topic, 4) a description of the studys quantitative/qualitative […]

Signature Assignment: Analyze What You Bring to the Therapy Room

Becoming and being a therapist is as much a process of personal discovery as it is a process of gaining knowledge about theory and technique. You will now intertwine parts of your life with systems theories that have been reviewed in this course. In an effort to encourage consideration of who you are, this Signature […]

Assessment Centres Week 7

You are to source and review an academic journal article (peer reviewed, from last 15 years) on the listed topic Assessment Centres.  Use the headings in this worksheet to structure your review. The worksheet is uploaded. answer the question from the article journal you select.


Interview[WLOs: 1] [CLO: 3]Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 3 and 6 of your textbook. Your Final Project in this course involves interviewing of a professional in the field of early childhood education. This week you need to identify, reach out to, and confirm the contact information for the person you will […]

chapter 7 discussion

Consider Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Some have criticized the different forms as being skills rather than actual forms of intelligence. Excluding Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical identify at least one of the remaining intelligences that you manifest. Do you believe the critics or do you see these as true forms of intelligence? After posting your […]

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