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Revise according to the comments provided on the document. Also, when you do so, make sure that you proofread the whole paper and make sure that your argument is logically developed. In other words, don’t just add a few sentences without revision the whole paper


Short Summaries in the form of a discussion for chapter 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 14. Make sure they are half a page for each chapter (at least 100 words each) so four pages in total. Thank you A summary for at least 100 words about each chapter.  Generally speaking, a post consists […]

Argument Reconstruction

Argument reconstruction assignment. In one to two paragraphs (no more than a page total), please address one of the following two prompts. The focus of this assignment is to explain an argument in your own words. 1. What is the main argument that Frege advances in this passage? In particular what is his conclusion, and […]

Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy

Embryonic Stem Cell ControversyInstructionsRead: Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy (Links to an external site.) Share your professional opinion on how you feel about the Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy.Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Universal Healthcare

Using an ethics topic,  write a 1300 – 1700 word essay that identifies an ethical issue(s) and describes, analyzes, and evaluates the arguments surrounding the moral question. This essay should be properly APA or MLA formatted, with appropriate citations and references. You must cite at least 3 sources.  At least two must be a primary […]

Explain and evaluate Humes treatment of cause and effect. (What is causation? How do we know about it? etc.)

Instructions: This essay should be a philosophy-type essay. The only source for this essay should be David Humes An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. The essay should be at least three total pages. The topic is:     Explain and evaluate Humes treatment of cause and effect. (What is causation? How do we know about it? etc.)

Porn a Public Health Crisis?

If claims made by researchers such as psychiatrist Dr. Mary Anne Layden are true, does this constitute “public health crisis” or pandemic?  If so, why?  If not, why?   – What does “objectification” mean?   – What does “commodification” mean?   – for reasons of ethics and public health prostitution currently is illegal in 49 […]


Based on the examined techniques in the How To Build Self Discipline video, have you attempted any of the exercises in the past? Is there a technique in particular that you feel could be especially helpful in combating feelings of anger or desires for fame and luxurious living? Along with this, find a technique that […]

critical thinking

Consider the following situations. In each case, describe what you consider to be aresponsible solution to the problem you identify, but also describe what you wouldconsider to be an irresponsible solution to that same problem. Be sure to explain thereasons for your answer. 1. You are a member of a group of three students who […]

Margin Call

create a PowerPoint presentation after watching Margin Call (2011 available on youtube or amazon prime) and write about Milton Friedman (friedman and The Social Responsibility of Business). Intro – General Introduction of the ethical challenge(s) faced in business found in the film you are going to discuss. Explain the philosophical problems the presentation and film […]

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