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Dante’s Divine Comedy vs The Prince

1. Compare the vision of moral goodness or evil as it appears in Dante’s Divine Comedy and The Prince by Machiavelli. What does it mean to be good/evil, or to get what you deserve in these texts? What larger moral lessons do the authors of each of these three different texts wish to convey?  Can […]

Explain Aristotle’s theory of friendship.

PurposeThis paper is meant to help you think deeply about the nature of friendship and its relation to social media, in light of ethical theory. This assignment will help you demonstrate competence on the following learning targets: #11. I can apply one of the main normative ethical theories to real life problems. #12. I can […]


Please write a response to the following; In Senecas Moral Letter 20, he states “What is wisdom? Always desiring the same things, and always refusing the same things.”. He then describes how you will find who your true friends are if you enter into a state of poverty. He relates this to his earlier claim […]


Please write a response to the following, 1.) Seneca defines wisdom as practicing what you preach. It is not enough to have a virtuous set of theories you believe in. Your actions must reflect your beliefs. Many people have problems doing this because of external distractions such as luxury or fame. They get distracted from […]


Please create a detailed thesis along the lines of “The social stigma of tattoos in Japanese society has certainly loomed large due to  the yakuza and their full bodysuit wabori tattoos, yet most of the individuals going under the needle today (and their tattoo designs) have nothing to do with organized crime.” Please revise this […]

a right to experimental drugs

Address the following points: Identify moral theories (from Week 1) and ethical principles (from Week 2) that help shed light on the ethical problems raised by expanded access and that best support your own position.Explain how the principle of informed consent is relevant to the issue.Explain the costs and benefits of making unproven, unapproved experimental […]

Existentialism question answering

Answer these questions below 1.Explain the existential concept of absurdity. How did it arise? What was it responding to? 2.What is the relationship between rationality and absurdity on the existential view? How does instrumental rationality fit in to this picture? 3.How does Camus define absurdity? What is the problem of suicide, as Camus presents it? […]


Requirement:As a teacher in UAU school system and with a small group of class colleagues, use a variety of resources to prepare a Code of Ethics and job satisfaction for teachers as a researcher in UAE that could be appropriate in UAE education contexts, and how code of ethics for teacher as a researcher effect […]

Corporate Ethics Assessment

Using the insights from the lectures, case discussions, and your professional ethics statement as a foundation; this assignment asks you to reflect on the ethical posture of a multinational corporation.  You will research a multinational company and investigate its ethical policies and practices. These polices can normally be found using a Google search.     […]

Ethics and Organisations

Tasks (All four questions are compulsory, 500 WORDS each) 1. Choose the cause that you would like to support and to which you wish to donate (this can be any charity or organisation that advances your valued cause). (500 Words, preferably talking about donating to animal charity/organisation) 2. Are corporate scandals the ‘new normal’? A […]

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