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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Understanding and Integration of Living Components of the Human Body. It is here where much detail is brought together with cellular structure and function, and the organization of many cells together in the body, that make up tissues. Do not merely memorize these individual vocabulary words, but rather, learn and comprehend how these cells and […]

Native American film brief summary and discussion of one key aspect

1) A brief summary of the assigned materials. What are the most important points in the text or film? What is the authors main argument?2) Discussion of one key aspect of the text(s) or film(s). Pick out one thing that stuck out to you as you were reading and discuss it. How does it relate […]

US History Biography from WWII

Students will go to the website for the Center for the Study of War and Society, (  and choose one interview from either the European theater of operations (ETO) or the Pacific Theater of operations (PTO) and write a 1000-word minimum (about 4 pages), biography on the life of the individual they have chosen. Each […]

Media Analyzing

Select a SINGLE news article on a global economic or financial topic from MSMBC, NPR,  the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times or the Economist (or any other reputable source) dated within the previous two months and analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory learned in this class. This is NOT a […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

FORMAT: a written report of at least 1,800 words total (not including references), Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced AIM: to research and reflect on current caste politics in India, including the relationship between caste and religion today, and create practices/visions of a post-prejudice world DESCRIPTION: You will be doing an alternate form of […]

Assessment of the Marketing/Operations Dynamic

A core goal of this class is to build familiarity with the issues and opportunities likely to arise between Marketing and Operations and how they may be leveraged to advantage for a business. This assignment is to assess a company using Business Model Generation tools, identify likely tensions/vulnerabilities as well as possible collaboration areas between […]


I have a discussion post due at 11;59 tonight. I need to read an article on anarchy and write a response in multiple paragraphs (at least 2). My professor has given us questions to answer if we are stuck but we can respond about anything. I would like if you tried to answer some of […]

political science

I need a 250-300 word response to the article provided. It is for a discussion post in my political science class. it has to be in paragraphs so at least two or however many to split up the work. She asks questions to get us started with our responses so answer those and anything else […]

Forum 6

Please take a few minutes to discuss the two most important concepts you learned in this week’s readings. What are they, explain how they are constructed, and how you will use them in your future vocation. All forums require an initial post (250-word minimum) the issue must be thoroughly discussed and replies must offer new […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This week, you learned about the dynamics of organizational change. You learned that it can be planned or unplanned; it can begin inside or outside the organization; it can be symbolic or transformative. The purchase of a new learning management system (LMS) is a common occurrence in higher education today. The LMS provides the infrastructure […]

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