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livable city – a descriptive and analytical photo essay

Your research paper will be based on your virtual field observations within your own neighbourhood (i.e., the place that you currently live). You are required to write a descriptive and analytical photo essay viewed through the lens of a livable city (including Walkability). This essay can be in any neighbourhood as long as it is […]

Organic Chemistry II Lab Report

I need my organic chemistry II lab report completed. The document attached contains the lab instructions as well as the discussion questions that I need answered. I have also attached the IR and NMR spectrums for the reaction product as well as the GC results. I need questions 2-10 answered in full.

Masses and Springs

No plagiarism. 1. Introduction: The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate that you are able to study and analyse a physical phenomenon by practical application of the concepts involved and then draw your own conclusions based upon your own experimental data. In particular, carrying out a virtual laboratory experiment using an online Colorado university […]

Have rural communities been left behind by Chinas astounding economic growth

Introduction Paragraph 1: yes they have been left behind. What are the negative aspects to economic development/ urban expansion? What are the conditions like between urban and rural areas, why are these differences so bad? What are some of the negative consequences to people moving to the cities for work? Paragraph 2: no they havent […]

Biomes and Ecosystems

According to our textbook, a biotic factor is a living element found within an ecosystem, while an abiotic factor is a nonliving element found within an ecosystem.  Choose a biome and ecosystem and provide an example of a biotic and abiotic factor found within your biome/ecosystem.  Explain the importance of these factors to your specific […]

Climate Change

This is a letter to the congressman about climate change, in this letter, you should include: 1. Why you feel climate change is a critical issue that should take priority over other issues.2.How and in what ways climate change will directly impact you (as a constituent), your family, and your community.  Usually 3-5 bullet points […]


The format of the paper will be: 12 Pt Font, Times New Roman, and Double Spaced. The Word file should have the following save name:Year Month Day, Course Number, Last Name Example: 20201023 PHYS120 LastnameThe following must be included within the article: 1. Name(s) of the author(s)2. Title of article3. Title of journal, volume number, […]

Causes and effects humans have on water pollution

This paper is hypothetical just as a final for one of my ecology classes. I need properly cited with no quoting from the articles only paraphrasing. I provided 5 articles from which you may use, however, if these articles are not sufficient to get you going you may get info from other sources if that […]

Cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, causing an estimated 438,000 deathsor about 1 out of every 5 smokerseach year (Woloshin, Schwartz, & Welch, 2008). Mr. Amos is 57 years old and has been smoking for the past 30 years of his life. A recent doctor’s visit revealed that […]

book review children and childhood in bioarchaeology

The Review should be 3-4 pages (not including title page and bibliography), 12-point font, 1-inch margins. A good rule for number of sources is have at least have more than the number of pages. The Book Review should include a summary so that we know the main points, as well as critique. Draw from how […]

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