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I will upload topics soon so you can choose a topic

Extra Credit might be an option if you need a boost in your grade.  Students can receive Extra Credit for additional writing on a topic related to the course material.  You can receive up to 5 points per written page UP TO 25 POINTS (or 5 pages).  The  paper must be on a topic related […]

How to be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

The book analysis requires students to read and consider the book How to be An Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi.  In the paper you must critically reflect on the issues raised by the book, and how they relate to issues in Administration of Justice.  These need to be explored with reference to your learning and the […]

M7A1: Essay Quiz #5

Case Study Questions Case Study #1: Community Perspective on Effective Enforcement at page 407Case Study #2: Organizational Change: Accountability vs. Culture at page 446Book: Criminal Justice Organizations Administration and Management by Stojkovic. Kalinich. Klogas. The responses should be a minimum of one page (250 words) and a maximum of two pages in length, double spaced […]

juvenile offender case study

JUVENILE OFFENDER CASE STUDY: INITIAL ANALYSISIntroductionThis is a two-part assignment. You will complete the first part, an initial case study analysis, this week and the second part, a final report based on the analysis, in Week 7. Assume you have been assigned as the forensic evaluator for the juvenile offender Derek or Meredith and must […]

capstone proposal

Competency 1: Apply an ethics-centered, evidence-based analysis to complex situations encountered by criminal justice practitioners.Competency 2: Explain the antecedents and consequences of crime in the broader context of interdisciplinary knowledge.Competency 3: Integrate theoretical, scientific, and practical methods in application to solve problems relevant to criminal justice.Competency 4: Describe effective conflict resolution techniques for culturally diverse […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Must research case law, statutes, and administrative rules/regulations regarding paralegals and the unlicensed practice of law (UPL).  The result will be a three-page or longer, research paper that focuses on specific examples of paralegals and UPL and what steps law firms need to take to avoid this problem.  May focus on paralegals and UPL in […]

classical theory

In a minimum of 300 words, discuss how the classical theory of crime has influenced the criminal justice system.  Discuss specific elements of our current system that are based on this theory. Cite sources. Your original post is worth up to five points. Responding to two additional posts is worth up to five additional points.

four eras policy

In no less than 300 words, identify and discuss the four eras of policing as described in your readings and research. Which era, in your opinion is the most effective? Your original post is worth up to five points. Responding to two additional posts is worth up to five additional points. Cite sources. Cutting and […]

Police in the Community

Learning Objectives: 1.Identify how the special populations in a community pose special problems for the police. 2. Contrast the needs of the young, elderly, and disabled. 3. Identify the major elements that contribute to resolving or compounding the problems of special populations. 4. Suggest several ways through which the effectiveness of services to special populations […]

Discussion board 6

DB6 This DB forum is focused on death with dignity/assisted dying matters.  Below are a few good resources to use for DB6.  Of course, you may go beyond and research to find other resources.  Oregon was the first state to enact a death with dignity act in 1997.  It still has an approval rate of […]

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