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Funeral Law and Ethics

I have attached a link that I want the case study to be about. Please cite sources. The purpose of the case study assignment is to research a court case in which a funeral director has been found liable for a wrongdoing.  There are literally thousands of documented cases that can be found online.  […]

Business Law: Angency and Employment Laws

Cardigan History The Cardigan family has made a name for themselves in the sweater industry whereby they have designed sweaters for a variety of uses and for a wide target audience ranging from toddlers to business professionals. Cassandra, whom everyone calls Cassie, is the CEO of CARDWARE Inc., Camoni is the spokesperson for the sweater […]

Business Law: Contracts

Candie Cardigan as a representative for CARDWARE has decided to auction her strapless giraffe print dress made of silk, satin with velvet markings. This particular dress was used in a movie filmed in S. Africa. The dress had been show cased among other famous dresses in the Silkadonia Actors Guild Museum. Cassie Cardigan was chosen […]

Hippocratic Oath

Licensure and CertificationInstructionsRead again, Hippocratic Oath/Physicians Creed and watch Ethics in Greys Anatomy and answer the following prompt. Share your professional opinion on what you feel about The Hippocratic Oath/Physicians Creed in regards to the Ethics Grey Anatomy. ( find on you tube)

medical law

Medical LawInstructionsWatch: Cancer Doctor Who Gave Chemo to Healthy People Gets 45 Years below and answer the following prompts. ( find on you tube) Share your professional opinion on how you feel about the Cancer Doctor Who Gave Chemo to Healthy People.How you would respond if you worked in his medical practice?

Private prisons and there economic affect

Prompt: In 100-300 words describe a hypothetical methodology for studying your research topic. In the same document, in 250-350 words, create a rationale to a scholarly audience of experts on your topic justifying studying your proposed research question to your audience. please see supporting documentation

Well-being and progress

Hi there, This is basically a policy research paper on Well-being. If youre familiar with the topic, youll know that countries are trying to move away from using GDP as a measure of economic progress. The UN SDGs and especially the Fitoussi report has given rise to more and more emphasis on sustainable growth. Ireland […]

Business Law

Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car?SCENARIO: Jim and Laura Buyer visit the local car dealership because they are interested in buying a new car. The car they currently have is aging and is starting to have mechanical problems. Jim and Laura would share the new car, and use it to go back and forth […]

criminal 3

answer the question on an answer sheet Socio-economic disadvantages lead to an underclass that choose illegal solutions to basic human needs and wants (true or false):______________. The social disorganization theory centers on a loss of social ___________. Lower class anger and frustration over an inability to achieve success in the definition of the ______________ theory. […]

Well-being and Progress in Ireland

Research policy paper on new measures of well-being and progress Background: The current Programme for Government states the following: The Government is conscious that we need to supplement our existing economic measurements with new ones. We know that our existing measures of economic performance fail to measure matters such as damage to the environment and […]

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