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PLEASE USE SOURCES AND CITE IN ESSAY! Is the rise in China’s power a threat to the United States and the postwar Bretton Woods system of international economic relations? In what ways are China and the United States competitors in world politics, and in which ways are they adversaries? If China replaces the United States […]

rough draft

This is the rough draft for your final paper. Please try to have most of the work completed for this. No, it’s not expected to be perfect, but keep in mind that the closer you can get to a finished product here, the more feedback you’ll get 🙂 You will be assigned a peer reviewer/reviewee […]

Your own monster

By now, you’ve spent most of the semester reading and viewing and listening to material about monsters (real or imagined). You’ve summarized and analyzed what other people have said and written about monsters and monstrosity. For this final assignment, you’ll extend the work you’ve done so far by choosing a monster–any monster–and then tracing the […]

Review Assignment

The chapter review assignment, of 2 pages, will be on 1st chapter (Man of Mystery)  of the UWinnipeg ebook Alexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant Medallions (Frank L. Holt). In your review, you should summarize 1) what the author of your argues and 2) what they are arguing against or building on. […]

Fanny Lou Hamer the woman of breaking barriers

Follow the instructions on the proposal PDF doc. Since this is a group project, so the second document “Paper for AFS” you have the parts of the two other members of the group. After reading the proposal you’ll understand what you need to write about.

Growing up in high-poverty areas can affect your employment

Cite each formally, using APA citation style. With the citation write a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph. Inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. Focus on the studies methods and results. Each entry should be no less than a paragraph and between 200-300 words.

American Dream failure for Arabs and their Mental Health

I need an essay discussing the failure of the American dream in fulfilling Arab immigrants promises and the detrimental effects it has on Arab immigrants’ mental health. Please focus on the mental health of Arabs living in American and how the american dream has failed to attain them with peace of mind and state.

Asian hate

This will be a Problem-Solution speech written Full-Content-Outline (FCO).Use the Full-Content-Outline examples will be shown in the files uploaded and make a full-content outlines of the problem-solution presentation. It will be on Asian hate. -The FCO needs to be 2 – 2.5 pages in length and will have at least 3 to 5 references or […]

joining I.T school

1. Why are you interested in pursuing a career in this field?-  because I want a secure job, a high pay job and great job for my future2.When did you decide you wanted to be part of this industry? Why?: as an adult learner we have to make great chose for my future. when someone […]

Journal 2

A journal about ethics , ethical speaking, ethical listening, civility in classroom.  Also, talk about how speaker nervousness is normal, how to manage speaker nervousness.  Talk about the importance of listening, listening vs hearing,  the process of listening, obstacles to effective listening, promoting better listening, and providing feedback.

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