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American History – Influential People

From the paper provided. The PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 11 slides and should address the concepts listed below. Content– Introduce how your figure impacted a civil rights movement (including, but not limited to, creed, race, age, status, or gender). Note: His or her impact may not necessarily be a positive one.– Identify […]

American US Constitutions

In what ways is the State Constitution of Florida similar to the U.S. Constitution? In what ways is it different? Please write a formal essay with 4 paragraphs on the similarities between these constitutions and 4 paragraphs on the differences between these constitutions. Please remember that a paragraph is 5-7 sentences in this class. Each […]

Period of the Reformation and Catholic response

In an essay, answer one (1) question from the list of several questions: ENUMERATE THE ANSWER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE ESSAY. 1. Discuss the origins, spread, and fracturing of Protestantism between 1517 and 1550. Be sure to note: 1) the theological and/or organizational differences among the various Protestant leaders and their churches; and 2) […]

linear perspective in the Italian Renaissance and the role of disegno (drawing/design).

discuss three works of art. Select at least two examples from the lectures on Linear Perspective in Practice and Disegno and Artistic Practice and compare both with an example from any of the previous lectures, discussing the use of perspective or the role of drawing. Be sure to think particularly about form – how does […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

please read and respond to the following two chapters by Gyan Pandey, A History of Prejudice: Race, Caste and Difference in India and the United States, Cambridge, 2013: IntroductionChapter 2Both chapters are in Files under ‘Pandey’ In your response try to address the following points: (i) how does Pandey go about comparing two communities that […]


briefly state the topic of the paper is going to be and what your working thesis is. Don’t just tell me the title; describe your topic Also, provide links to three sources you are going to use in completing the paper. Pick a particular organization, group, movement leader or population that identifies with one of […]


WSU library website:                                         I uploaded the LRA 1 documents and the instruction  please follow the instruction, as long as we made all the instruction we are good to go.


You are to write an essay of no more than one single spaced page. You must use standard margins and cite all sources using either MLA or APA, your bibliography may be on the second page. Failure to cite your sources can result in an F for the assignment. The link for submitting your essay […]

United States History

Instructions: Read and analyze the information below. Answer the questions given with at least 135 words per answer. 1- Reconstruction to the Gilded Age:“I Will Fight No More Forever” – Chief Joseph, 1877The following is the emotional speech given by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (c. 1840-1904) upon his capture. “Tell General Howard I […]


For this essay, you are asked to compare Confucian, Daoist, and Legalist ideas about how people should be governed. To do so, review what happened in China during the long Zhou Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty (Chapter 3, pp. 122-134; Khan Academy, The Philosophers of the Warring States). As the book explains, during the later […]

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