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History 1945-present

– Cite 3 times using uploaded attachments in the work using Chicago-style Richard Milhous Nixon was a paradox.  He was Americas most deceitful chief executive who at the same time demonstrated a nuanced grasp of international balance of power diplomacy and the neglected importance of restoring diplomatic and commercial relations with China.  During the Johnson […]

Womens history

Read the following and take notes: 1.  Link: “What is Gender History” 2. “From Colonies to Nation, The Eighteenth Century.pdf” (only the first two sections, not the part on the American Revolution) Answer the following questions with evidence: 1. What is Gender History? 2. Compare the text “From Colonies to Nation” to the chapters from […]

Latin American History

You have to write a summary for EACH below: – Chiles Revolution from Below Peter Winn– The Chilean Road to Socialism Salvador Allende– The Principle of Legality– Institutional Development– Political Freedoms– Violence– Nationalization of the Means of Production– The 1964 Scare Campaign Margaret Power– Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders Church Committee– Summary of Findings […]

Challenges from the West in the 19th Century

Write a 1,100-word essay comparing the responses of China and Japan to 19th century challenges from the West. Include the following:1.    Background of differences between China and Japan that explain their unique responses2.    Overview of the major events between the West and these two countries circa 1800-18703.    Analysis of the results in both countries that […]


Consider the importance of nudity in Greek Athletics. Why did the ancient Greekathletes compete in the nude?a. Bonfante, L. 1989. Nudity as a Costume in Classical Art American Journal ofArchaeology 93: 543-570. For the citation of secondary sources, you must provide the relevant pages. It is not enough tosimply refer to (e.g.) Kyle 2015 when […]


Explore why Euripides has altered the traditional version of the myth of Heracles(labours, etc.) in his Heracles and the impact of this change. The paper should be approximately 2000 words in length andin addition to using a primary text, 3 additional secondary sources must be used (thismeans scholarship, not somebodys blog on the internet or […]

Looking at the different types of propaganda and political organization used by these radical groups during the inter-war period, discuss with your group what parallels do you see between these propaganda messages and ones you may experience today?

This week, we will be looking at the rise of extremism in Europe and examine its links to the start of World War II. The period between the First and Second World War was a time of revolutionary change within Europe, but also part of the eventual drive to World War II. The post-World War […]


Consider Apollonios portrayal of Medeia in books 3 and 4 of the Argonautika. How is she portrayed? Is she aninnocent victim of the gods? A cunning witch who overshadows Jason? Do we see atransformation in her in these books?In formulating your view on Medeia, you need to both look carefully at the text and also […]


Reflect upon Jasons depiction in book one in light of the other heroes with whom he sets outand his absence at the start of book 2. Is Jason really heroic in your view? If so, how?Be sure to cite specific examples to support your viewpoint. It is not necessary (or desirable) toquote the text extensively; […]

Who are the primary targets of these types of propaganda and what emotions or ideas are they attempting to invoke?

Who are the primary targets of these types of propaganda and what emotions or ideas are they attempting to invoke? Create a typed response between 300 and 400 words which answers one of these particular questions fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Include the word count on the last […]

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