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South Asia

Choose the question you are comfortable with Section 1: Please choose one of the following questions and write a one- one and a half page response essay. 50 points 1. “Our enemies, among whom I regret to say, there are still some Muslims, have set about actively encouraging provincialism in the hope of weakening Pakistan, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A regular essay on the movie  comparing and contrasting the assigned Plutarch life of Alexander . Please answer the questions in the file . Thats the essay answering the questions in the file and a brief back ground before answering the questions in an essay form please

urban culture

Read and listen the uploaded materials and write a brief summary of this unit, including the following: City sounds San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, NYC Go-go music Graffiti Skyscraper Heidelberg project Sports and stadiums, Little Caesars Area (LCA) Film noir Hong Kong Cinema Bollywood Nollywood Include at least 1 citation from each: Turley Lornell Either Go-go […]

Comparative paper proposal SEM

Submit a paper proposal  for your comparative paper.Set out the context of the topic of your paper in thinking comparatively about two similar or dissimilar writers, themes, ideas, perspectives that we have encountered and analyzed throughout the course.You must address at least one reading or media we have discussed in the course, and you are […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer each question below in short answer format. Be sure to answer each component of each question. 1. Why do many historians consider the Reconstruction Era a major reform period in American History? What were some of its successful reforms and what were some of its shortcomings? 2. List at least 3 examples that show […]

Based off of the sources provided

Directions: Your response must be argumentativei.e., you should have a thesis statement that takes a stance and it should be supported by evidence. Everything I have assigned in this course so far is fair game. This includes the assigned readings, lectures, discussion board posts/reflections, primary sources, films, and/or clips. Do not use outside sources beyond […]


this is a reflective essay. Summary essays are easier, and you will need some summary in this essay, but reflective essays are harder. Don’t just summarize. Instead, reflect on what you have experienced and what you have gained or lost in the process. your essay should draw upon the first four weeks of our course. […]


Combine your understanding of at least two and perhaps more of our resources this week. Look for ways to make connections between our resources. Tell us what resources you are using in your essay. Choose  ONE of the following topics for your main discussion posting for the week. Remember to provide a reference if you […]

American revolution

Reflection Essays        In order to evaluate the students ability to read understand historical events, three reflection essays are assigned as a part of this course. Using the assigned text, choose a chapter and write an essay analyzing a topic discussed by the author. You can use any approach in this essay meaning […]

The past is present

According to the quote of philosopher George Santayana, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” That phrase is not only popular and  catchy, but also true. Assignment:  In one paper, compare a historical topic or event that occurred from the  Pre-Columbian  Native American civilizations to 1876  to a topic or an […]

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