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Corona virus Pandemic

Write an argument research essay (of at least 1500 words) about the working thesis that you have been working on throughout the previous writing assignments. Your thesis should be supported with at least three claims. The essay should also address the opposite viewpoint. Make use of at least three sources located via research but no […]

Life nowadays is way better for some people than it was and vice versa. Plan and write an essay comparing and contrasting life in the past and these days.

Life nowadays is way better for some people than it was and vice versa.Plan and write an essay comparing and contrasting life in the past and these days.Please make sure to follow essay orders. 1- Introduction: hook and thesis statement.2- Body: 2-3 paragraphs.3- Conclusion

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This exercise should help you move forward with your term papers. I want you to submit a sentence + a substantial paragraph from the term paper, which does the following State the overall argument/claim/thesis of your term paper as a separate sentenceSelect a body paragraph from your term paper or write one make sure that […]

Should the US raise taxes on the rich?

First, students choose a topic that is related to social and/or economic issues. On the website of The Economist (login details: Limo > e-journals > The Economist > Gebruikersnaam/wachtwoord) they can find articles, e.g. in The Economists Daily Chart section, which can inspire them to come up with a topic. Then they develop a strong […]

Imagery and symbolism in Poetry

Find at least two images and/or symbols within the poem. Write a 300-400 word one-paragraph analysis of the poem’s use of imagery and/or symbolism. Your analysis should include a topic sentence, examples from the poem, MLA citations, and analysis.Remember that an analysis of literary elements includes your explaining what they mean and why they are […]

The moment, The feeling, The Punch

should be cohesive (in paragraph form, not as a list). Use academic writing conventions, and proofread before submitting. Write a journal entry about the Poem “For a Father” in which you explain (don’t just summarize or re-state) the following: The moment: What event, observation, feeling, memory, experience or occasion is being recounted or described in […]

Salesforce Comparison Presentation

Create comparative analysis presentation off of attached paper. Presentation should compare the HR practices at companies T-Mobile and Target to the Salesforce Company (primary company). It should easily lay out problems/issues associated with each companys HR practices, as well as the benefits package, recruitment strategies, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. The slides should have citations […]

The Rwandan Genocide

Research the events of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Using MLA format and a minimum of 3 sources, write a research paper about the Rwandan Genocide. Your paper should address the causes, events, effects, and world response to the Rwandan Genocide. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length. You must cite your sources used in […]

journal 13 assignment

Please answer the following. if you need the stories i will send the pictures. 1) when we first meet the grandmother in “a good man is hard to find, ” what kind of person is she? What do her various remarks reveal about her? Does she remain a static character, or does she in any […]

Haiti 2010 Earthquake Letter to Prime Minister

In this assignment, you will apply what you learned from the disaster you chose to focus on to a new situation. You will write a letter of 1,000-1,200 words to a real-life person who could have acted differently and, in doing so, may have reduced the harm your chosen disaster wrought. You should date your […]

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