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Discussion: Analyzing Argumentative Text/Video

Read/view one of the following texts/videos. “Will Women Still Need Men”- When you are finished, answer the following questions in your initial posting: This needs to be 200 words 1. What are the main claims the writers argue in their essays/videos? Summarize these claims in your own words. 2. Choose one paragraph in each […]

creative process

Please use the links below to answer the following questions: Please don’t just quote things from the textbook but explain With this link read pages 21-43 about the creative process (it will help you answer the questions) Use these links for extra support: The questions: 1. The materials for this week discuss the stages […]

Positive thinking

Write an argumentation essay responding to the following statement:The promotion of simple forms of positive psychology can potentially be detrimental topeoples wellbeing. Organize your essay content according to either of the two patterns discussed in thisclass (ppt slides can be found on Bb). Develop your argument with evidence from the readings discussed in this class […]


In ONE -Two paragraphs – Historical Events notes provided below, Blake is a product of an evolution in thought. Based on the Brief Biography of William Blake (and his art work!), Blake may be considered somewhat of a revolutionary in both thought and in action. Considering the information provided and, of course, the poem, who […]


Before we begin to make arguments of our own, it’s important to understand the arguments made by those who came before us. For this assignment, students will individually collect six pieces of evidence from the prompt for the week. Students will submit a document including six citations, written as complete sentences, that accurately represent the […]

course work

The goal of this paper is to stimulate critical thinking about population health and the role of the community health nurse. Students will identify a community health issue and describe how nurses can develop, plan and implement strategies to address community health problems.

health hazards

Environmental Health Hazards Question 1: There are many environmental hazards found in the home, work, and environment. Describe at least two hazards from each of these 3 areas. What type of influence do these hazards have on populations? Question 2: Environmental health disparities refer to vulnerable populations (such as the poor, homeless, immigrants, etc.) having […]

LS 3031 Homework: Political Science

Each entry must be 550-750 words.Do not upload any attachments.Put the word count at the top of the entry.Write 4 separate and mostly evenly sized numbered paragraphs on the following: 1. Using the course materials for Political Science, provide a general overview and description of the main characteristics of the discipline.  (e.g. What is the […]

Godfather journal #2 (ch. 2-9)

For this journal you will write three paragraphs. In chapters 2-9, several characters experience significant changes in their destinies as a result of powerful people’s decisions. Describe why Sonny decided Paulie’s destiny and how it was carried out (provide details) (paragraph 1), why Bruno and Sollozzo decided Luca’s destiny and how it was carried out […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Respond in writing to two of my classmate’s post. Your response to your classmates’ posts should cite at least one outside source (i.e. your opinion should be supported by the evidence from the articles). Using the sources below 1. So what I found surprising is that accidents could actually cause miscommunication and the […]

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