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Dimensional Data Warehouse

Overview of the Assignment:In this exercise we will review data warehouse concepts, specifically modeling the dimensional schema.  We first outline the directions, and then provide guidance on which you will base your solution.Directions:Create an initial design for a dimensional data mart for an online DVD rental business that is similar to a simplification of the […]

Distributed Database

Overview of the Assignment:In this exercise we will review and apply distributed database concepts including replication and fragmentation to our Netflix rental database which you have been working with.  As part of your solution you will need to consider how your design should be allocated, specifically through fragmentation and replication.  You may complete this assignment […]

Cloud Vendor Presentation

Rewrite of attached – “xCloud Presentation.pptx”Examples attachedThis is project 2 deriving from project 1 (“– Executive Summary.docx” attached) ****Feedback from current version:**** “Good work so far. however, Per Task Instructions: All slides must be narrated by you, the student.Please add a slide with your references, and Add narration to your slides and re-submit.” *Add a […]

Excel functions/array formulas

Follow all the steps in the instructions file, and use the excel starter file to replicate each problem exactly as instructed. Use array formulas and functions, and follow the methodology described in the instruction file. The data used for these problems can be found in the “excel data” file.


Assume you are in the insurance business. Find two examples of type 2 slowly changingdimensions in that business. As an analyst on the project, write the specifications forapplying the type 2 changes to the data warehouse with regard to the two examples.general explanation in one or two paragraphs. MUST USE the template provided 

Write reflection

***Avoid plagiarism***DO NOT USE EXTERNAL SOURCES OR CITATION!!***Assignment for graded————————————————————————————————- Write a reflection on your writing. ————————————————————————————————-Original instruction from the instructor: Writing Process Questions: 1/ What aspects of your writing in the project are effective and why do you think they are effective? Please be specific: for example, rather than saying I used good examples, […]


As a future information security manager you know it is important to provide for the proper verification of identity when communicating online. Research the components of public key infrastructure to include the use of private and public keys, digital certificates, certificates of authority, secure socket layer, and transport layer security methods. These methods are used […]

Requirements and Developing Requirements for an IT System

Refer to the readings Requirements and Developing Requirements for an IT System provided in Week 5, where the types of requirements are defined and examples are given.  System performance requirements address quality (how the system must perform) and security.  The areas listed are: o    Usabilityo    Scalabilityo    Availabilityo    Reliabilityo    Maintainabilityo    Performanceo    Portabilityo    Interoperabilityo    Securityo    Protection of […]


7-1 Milestone Three: Incident Management Simulation Tabletop Training Exercise (Facilitation Instructions) In Milestone Three, you will develop facilitation instructions for an incident management simulation tabletop training exercise. For more information, review the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document. To recall the background for this assignment, review the Consulting Problem Three document.

Privacy, Security, and Organizational Use of Social Media

Policy development is a core competency required of Chief Information Security Officers. In order to develop policy, however, it is necessary that the CISO and other business leaders understand the underlying issues and, where technology is involved, they must also understand those issues as well. Read this article: Choose one of the social media […]

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