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Lincoln Electric

9.  Why dont other US companies apply Lincoln’s approach to motivation? 10. Will this approach work in other countries? Grading instruction:1.  When preparing this case, you should only have access to information that is presented in this case. You should not access the web or any written material from any source to find additional information. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The purpose of the assignment is to: Give students the opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts learned in this and previous coursework to analyze a real-world scenarioImprove students understanding and ability to think critically about HR issues and strategies using a real life scenario.Understand, analyze, and diagnose HR practices and stratgiesStudents will work individually […]

Zappos Case Study

Read the case study scenario in the text and answer the questions associated with that case scenario. The answers must demonstrate the following:Identification and critical analysis of the issuesRecommendations to address the issues.Integration of biblical principles relevant to the issues identified and analyzed. Must be in APA Format, and must integrate at least 1 cutting […]

No title

In preparation for our next class, each one has to find a media example (film, tv program, ad, news ) that portrays a different culture/people negatively. This could be about Muslims or non Muslims. Please come to class ready to talk about your example (no need to prepare a PowerPoint file. Sharing the video or […]

Diversity training manual

As the HR Manager at Berkley Innovative Technologies, you have been developing a new training manual for employees. Now, the CEO has expressed her concerns about differing religious beliefs in the workplace. She wants to be certain that the organization is up-to-date and compliant with the current legislation on the books as it applies to […]

weekly economic report

Please: In one page maximum, write in your own words what has happened in between  18 March 2021 –  23 March 2021 in the political and economic arena  a) in Turkey, b) in the Region (Middle East, Russia, neighbouring countries), c) in the World  which may affect your international business? What are the threats and […]

Project Management

Read pages 283-294 of the attached Case Study and address all of the questions here: 1. Do you agree that Project Integration knowledge domain is the most important domain for project managers? Why or why not? 2. Critically examine the twelve knowledge domains. Which one do you believe to be the least important? 3. From […]

Durable Goods Industry related to Automotive industry

Provide a broad description of the new industry.Describe the overall attractiveness of the industry.Is this a growing industry?Is this an industry that has a lot of growth potential?What outside factors are affecting its growth?Identify the factors that have allowed competitors to be successful in this industry thus far.Summarize the overall net worth of the industry.How […]

problem solving and critical thinking in automotive industry

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Utilize information from industry and scholarly sources to inform problem solving and decision makingScenarioYou are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry. Your company is considering diversifying into other business opportunities where your motors […]

case study

Ryan Holmes is founder and CEO of Hootsuite, a Vancouver-based social media management platform company. Holmes realized that he needed to do more to improve communication within his company once it grew to over 1,000 employees. It wasnt possible to count on effective communication happening automatically. He couldnt even count on being able to talk […]

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