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analyze a single artwork made between c.1963 to present

In an essay of approximately 500 words, analyze a single artwork made between c.1963 to present. Your essay should incorporate both a detailed description and an interpretation of the work of art you select. You do not need to do in-depth research, but finding out some basic information about the artist and the artwork will […]

Intro to Dance * Online Performance and Review- Students are expected to view an online performance of their choosing and write a 2 page reflection on their experience. The reflection should be a critical reflection and analysis of the performance. Please include the following: Name of Artists, Name of Performance, Duration of Performance, Where did you see […]

Music Production and the iPad

Create a presentation on a subject related to Modern Music TechnologyStart by choosing a subject from the supplied list, research the subject, prepare a presentation according to guidelines provided, then post the presentation in advance of the course deadline.You will share your presentation, and colleagues in the class will have the opportunity to view and […]

discussion post Reflecting Musical Traits

Goal: The goal of this discussion is to evaluate how music from other parts of the world has impacted music in Latin America. Course Objective(s): CO-1, CO-2, CO-3 at least 250 words. Description: To what extent does this weeks music reflect pre-Columbian, European, or African musical traits? Be sure to use specific musical examples from […]

Latino, Spanish music

Below are instructions from the professor, I attached few videos that he posted so you can choose a few/all or find something extra related to the topic. You can write about one or several of those videos, videos from our lessons on Blackboard and/or pick your own videos.2 pages. You watch the video or videos […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Post a link (or an image, and so on) to some artwork that you like, and that you think relates to emotion.Tell us:about the art: what it is, who did it, when they did itabout your reaction to the art: how does this affect you emotionally Why does it have this effect, do you think? […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Minimum of two posts: one response to BOTH prompts below by Thursday night at 11:59pm and a second post offering a response to any other student by Sunday night at 11:59pm.Screening Choices: See the watchlist for specific choices and instructions, particularly if you’d like to write about Chernobyl. PROMPT 1: Identifying Continuity Edits Watch your […]

The Final Draft

This is my paper that I want to revise and change. Like I want this paper to be more on about indulge in a movie sense element. Like I want the lines to be short not a lot of lines from characters. Because basically It just give dialogue. I want you to read the story […]

Cross-Cultural Furniture/Decorative Arts Analysis

Cross-Cultural Furniture/Decorative ArtsAnalysis This is a 3 part assignment which I can later assign other parts.  So in the end all this information and topic will be linked together. Please carefully read and follow instructions attached! This is for part 1: A Visual Analysis Select an object or interior that displays significance influence from a […]

Concert Report

Title of the First PieceObjective DescriptionObjective Descriptions are your description of what you observed in the music as it was performed. Describe each movement of the piecewrite a separate paragraph for each movement. Provide a narrative of your observations concerning such elements as melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, instrumentation, texture, form, etc. Describe the major musical […]

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