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Brown as a Cold War Case

READ; Mary L. Dudziak, Brown as a Cold War Case, Journal of American History, Volume 91, Issue 1, June 2004, Pages 3242 Investigate one other example of how the Cold War supports and undermines the pursuit of civil rights in the United States. Only a 1 Page Journal

Philip Glass’ piece: Aguas de Amazonia

A paper at least eight pages in length on a musical work or topic pertaining to the time periods or cultures studied in this semester. You may select a work from the repertoire list or elsewhere as your topic, or you may write on a broader historical topic. Your topic must receive approval by the […]

Art and Music

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to explore the connections that exist between popular music and the political, social, and personal issues of our time. Assignment:  In 1977 the United States launched the Voyager spacecraft to explore outer space, specifically Jupiter and Saturn.  Anticipating the possibility of intelligent life someday finding the probe, the […]

Art and Music

    Explain how the Yes Men’s approach to political activism relates to at least one of the reasons listed in the reading for this week: “Why Artistic Activism: Nine Reasons.”  Include a specific quote from the reading that relates to your description.      Describe one of the projects presented in the film and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Based on your reading and seminar presentations, define community arts (300 words maximum).With reference to the individual contributions in the following two books, provide an overview of community arts. In doing this, make sure you refer to particular management issues and make specific reference to a minimum of six (6) chapters/authors (at least three from […]

I will post topics for the discussion board. You will be asked to respond with your thoughts and ideas. Images may be posted to illicit further ideas and discussion.

I will post topics for the discussion board. You will be asked to respond with your thoughts and ideas. Images may be posted to illicit further ideas and discussion. This is an ice breaker topic to get your thoughts flowing on what you may know on the state of political art today. Find an artwork […]

Great Performance on Film

Please write a 3-page minimum Paper (or more if you wish!) from the prompt below. BE SURE THE PAPER IS INDEED 3 PAGES MINIMUM, NOT INCLUDING WORKS CITED PAGE. The Paper must follow the standard Modern Language Association (MLA) format: typed; double-spaced; 12 point; new times roman font: heading; title; running head with page numbers; […]

9: Politics & Government

watch: Read: Deep Throat was an anonymous whistleblower who was feeding Bob Woodward the information he needed to report the Watergate scandal to the nation. There are laws in place now to protect whistleblowers from retaliation, but there are also laws to punish those who leak government secrets. When are people justified […]

french movie jules and jim

Movie( daybreak / le jour se leve in french) from marcel carne Students research at least *five* scholarly articles on the movie itself, movies director, context, theme(s), etc. Students pick *three* articles and give a 350 words summary of each articles thesis identifying the authors critical approach. “Jstor schoolar articles” articles:H. L. L’AIR DE PARIS […]

Sweet Relief Musician Foundation

Make sure to include all the following in the paper -Mission & history (including accomplishments) of organization-Key programs (per year; not simply since the organizations beginning)-Personnel staff, board, artists, volunteers (please use lists of board members and bios sparingly no excessive amount of text) -Organizational structure-Target audience & demographics-Needs addressed. How does the community benefit?-Projected […]

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