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final project program planning

i will provide the project file about women experiencing violence with their intimate partners. this is the project you will work on by following the instructions of of the project overview of each section. they re 9 sections. you have do all 9 section following the instructions order of each part. you need to add […]

African Americans in World War II

***I have one page finished that I uploaded as additional material but I deleted the introduction paragraph because I didn’t like it. If you could write one with a thesis that would be great. Also sprucing up the body paragraphs would be nice too.***The resources are available in the link as well. **Try to only […]

liberal studies

Reflect on all that you learned this semester about developing your critical thinking skills and think about your own biases. One of the biggest obstacles to critical thinking is the willingness to truly listen to others because we already know the right conclusion. We tend to believe that others disagree with us because they are […]

Cloud Vendor Presentation

Rewrite of attached – “xCloud Presentation.pptx”Examples attachedThis is project 2 deriving from project 1 (“– Executive Summary.docx” attached) ****Feedback from current version:**** “Good work so far. however, Per Task Instructions: All slides must be narrated by you, the student.Please add a slide with your references, and Add narration to your slides and re-submit.” *Add a […]

liberal studies

Asking the Right Questions Chapter 12, What Reasonable Conclusions Are Possible? and“Final Words from Chapter 13, Speed Bumps Interfering with Your Critical Thinking” Respond to the following questions in well-developed paragraph: 1) Why is it important that a previously unknown essay by Langston Hughes was recently discovered? What can we  learn from this essay? A […]

Please watch the film “La vita e’ bella” and then write on the following topic.

Please watch the film “La vita e’ bella” and then write on the following topic. Write about the cinematic devices Roberto Benigni employes in La vita e bella to show his audiences the potential for harmony and happiness in spite of the ever present dark side of the human nature. Some cinematic devices that can […]

Numerical Cases

Numerical Cases (Triangular 3%, Rectangular 3%) Please collect the foreign exchange rates data of any day during this semester 2/1-4/10/2021. Use the data to create two numerical cases of arbitrages: One triangular arbitrage and the other is rectangular arbitrage. Please ignore the transaction costs (bid-ask spreads). Please briefly describe the cases with necessary sentences and […]

write a fairy tale

Writing Anew: Write a fairy tale that critically engages one or more of the tales or themes weve studied in this course. In addition, you must include a self-critique that analyzes the title, structure, language, and content of your tale. The self-critique must clearly identify the ways in which your tale challenges or perpetuates traditional […]

Defeat the variant (Covid-19)

Your Exam 3  is a creative and written exam. You will upload one Word document or PDF Read all carefully You have 2 parts to this Exam. All placed into one document (1) A written report (2) A piece of creative marketing material you created. When is it due: You have from the time it […]

Role and Functions of HR

As part of an orientation program for new managers, HR has developed a section of the orientation designed to help new managers learn more about HRs functions and role in helping them become more effective in handling their HR responsibilities. Using the course readings and articles, address the role of human resource management. Support your […]

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