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Self Reflect

Reflect on your life thus far, and discuss how aspects of both your childhood temperament and your attachment relationship with your parents are manifested in your current behavior patterns. Talk about areas in which there are discontinuities. Overall, do you see yourself more as a product of your growing-up years, or are you forging new […]


The sleepy rustbelt town of Steubenville, Ohio, was once best known for high school sports and as the birthplace of Dean Martin. But when a teen sexual assault committed by two members of the football team surfaced, the shadowy hacker group Anonymous caught wind of the story and decided to intervene. After publishing videos and […]

Identifying and Treating Genetic Diseases

Discussion: Identifying and Treating Genetic DiseasesMeiosis, the kind of cell reproduction in which parent cells pass genetic traits to their offspring, is typically an accurate process. Mistakes in the process, known as mutations, are rare, and not all mutations lead to changes in an organism. Some mutations, however, have significant negative effects. Genetic mutations during […]

M5: Discussion: Jenny’s Behavior

InstructionsNow that we have walked through a couple of examples, try this analysis on your own using both Jennys yelling behavior and her crying behavior. Do the following for each: Test for autocorrelation in the baseline and intervention.Test for a trend in the baseline and intervention.Interpret these findings and select a test of Type I […]


Students have options for effective chapter discussions: (1) How does gender intersect with practices of body manipulation such as cosmetic surgery, sex-change operations, dieting/gym practices, or body modification (tattooes, piercing, etc)?  Do these practices differ across cultures?  Across class and racial-ethnic groups in the U.S.? (2) You may alternately, or additionally, engage with other ideas, […]

Capstone Project

Assessment 4 Instructions: Capstone ProjectPRINTCreate a 15-20 page capstone paper that analyzes a business topic and provides recommendations and is supported with credible resources that demonstrate evidence-based thinking. Introduction Throughout your MBA program, you have worked to develop as a business professional and prepare to meet future challenges as a business leader. Your program culminates […]


Use these websites: With technology taking over the healthcare workforce, do you think these changes positively or negatively impacts our older working generations, or both? Explain Why/ why not? Do you think we have enough privacy for patients’ healthcare data with our current rate of use of technology? Do you think more regulations should be […]

Is Humanity too dependent on technology?

As we approach the end of the semester, your final major essay for this class is an exercise in argumentation. At its core, argument is about making rhetoric real and tangible in the world.  This is not necessarily an exercise in writing a research paper, but rather a moment where you start to imagine your […]

American Goverment

Making extensive use of the readings, provide an answer for the following question.  Be sure to completely answer the question.There are three mechanisms through which social groups/classes can attempt to influence or shape politics: interest groups, elections, and social movements.  How well do each of these three mechanisms work?  What are their limitations and possible […]

Dollars and Dentists

Use this link to watch the video. Assignment instrustions:This assignment requires you to not only reflect on the video, but also think critically and identify the moral and/or ethical dilemmas presented in the video. Providing superficial responses will not serve you well in the grading of this paper. There are 5 key players identified in […]

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