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Any topic (writer’s choice)

1.  CHOOSE A TOPICFind a topic that you think is important.  It can be a current event that has a Cosnsitutional issue- it can be a Supreme Court case on an issue in criminal justice – it can be an important landmark case in criminal justice.So, for instance, you could choose to talk about the […]

Fundraising Letter and Event/Non-profit fundraiser letter and public event

The first is to send out a fundraising letter to potential foundations/donors. Using the format below, come up with a letter that addresses the below. Fundraising Letter to Foundations/Donors-12 points Salutation: Address a specific individual (1 point) Overview of organization: Opening paragraph, get attention with idea, how much you are requesting, how this idea furthers […]

Understanding Risk Attitude and Risk Tolerance

Retrieve and read the article Understanding risk attitude, available at (Links to an external site.). Based on what you’ve read, your experience in risk management, and any other resources you care to utilize, discuss the following questions. How can stakeholders risk attitudes impact the risk management processes? How do risk attitude and risk tolerance […]

weekly reflection

Each week, students are expected to note what they read and for each chapter make one entry. During pandemic times, you only need to make an entry for one chapter each week. You are encouraged to do all chapters to support you retaining and engaging with course material. Choose a chapter that you found most […]

Project Risk Management and Project Success

You’ve been reading about risk concepts and the risk management plan, primarily, at this point. Based on what you’ve read, your experience in risk management, and any other resources you care to utilize, discuss the following question: How can risk management increase the probability of project success? Reminder: A high-quality post is one that explicitly […]

Transportation Security

What security measures are currently in place? Are they effective? Why or why not? What are the challenges that exist in continuous process improvement? How do these security measures affect transportation and logistics management? You will have to conduct online research to complete this assignment. Likewise, you will need to select one mode of transportation […]

short short stories Pilon

What makes a writers style unique? Read and discuss Pilon .what are the main topics? who are the characters in the story? what is the main idea of the story?how much does it Cusneros personal experience in life influence her writing?

Severe weather impact analysis

Hi I need help in severe weather analysis research. I made interviews ( I will send to you later ) about severe weather event. I want to write about ( what you thought about your interviews, your research ideas that evolved over the semester, and your interpretations of the data you collected from the interviews. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Description: The goal of this assignment is to get students to engage with local NYC museums and/or one of their online exhibitions. The paper also provides an opportunity to learn about an artist/culture/artwork who we otherwise do not study in this course. Students will use their skills of visual analysis to formally analyze ONE art […]

Community-Based Solution on Homelessness

You are working to develop a prospective prevention program in your community to address a current social issue. For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation to discuss your prospective prevention program with possible funders/supporters. In a 10-12-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and reference slides, select a local problem you see occurring […]

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