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Female Justices

here is the website : Nelson Shanks painted this portrait of the first four female justices.  Read about the portrait, and justices, on that page of the website.  The Supreme Court was established in 1789 but there wasn’t a female justice until 1981, when Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to sit on […]


This week we look at the environment and the state of our water supplies in the PBS video “Poisoned Waters”. This video is almost 2 hours long and will post for 2 weeks. through Sunday, April 11 at 11:00 pm. You can access this very important video at: posted on April 21. 2009. I […]

Social Media

After reviewing the notes on Hootsuite’s Guide to Social Media Policies, please complete this forum. First, find an organization’s social media policy online and critique the policy. What works effectively? What could be improved on the policy? Then, think about creating a policy if you were managing an organizations social media use. What would be […]

Academic advising/counseling

After examining the Purdue University material on annotated bibliographies, create a brief annotated bibliography to support your final paper topic. Your annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of five sources, including at least one of each of the following: A credible websiteAn academic source from one of the databases offered through Thomas Edison State UniversityA […]

Writing tools

Read the lesson material as well as the articles by TechRadar and also by Spencer referenced in your study materials. (You may also do further research, if desired.) Then compose a brief document of between 500 and 850 words (approximately 2 to 3 pages long). Your document should do all of the following: Compare at […]

Writers choice

To PrepareReview the interactive media piece assigned by your Instructor. Reflect on the patients symptoms and aspects of the disorder presented in the interactive media piece.Consider how you might assess and treat patients presenting with the symptoms of the patient case study you were assigned.You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the diagnosis […]

Do women abuse alcohol more than men? Introduction only

Please note: draft submissions do not need to be formatted in APA style; HOWEVER, please DOUBLE SPACE your submissions and you must CITE your references by including first author last name and year the article was published at the end of your sentences. Below is an example of this: Children’s emotional barriers to self-disclose information […]

Project Management

Wells Fargos Response to the Account Fraud Scandal of 2016 You must complete a robust business report on Wells Fargos response and resolution to this issue from a project management perspective using the principles in the attached 3 decks. Usage of principles in the attached 3 decks is absolutely mandatory!! You must adopt a project […]


Choose one:Prompt 1) Analyze the ways Gregors metamorphosis (or transformation) affects his experience of alienation. (We get a good deal of information about Gregors life pre-metamorphosis, and you will want to use this information.)Prompt 2) Analyze the way(s) Gregors experience of alienation (in its various forms) informs the meaning of the novella as a whole.  […]

Language Interview

Choose two people to interview. One person should be older than you, while the other is younger than you.  (Suggested age difference from yourself is at least 10 years). Construct 5-10 interview questions that will help you answer the research question about how communication and language has changed over time. It is best to ask […]

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