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how to video games affect adult relationships

Goal of the Homework Exercise: Use critical thinking skills to not only define concepts, butalso demonstrate how to measure the concepts in your proposed research study. Instructions: 1. Next, write your proposed research question at the top of the page. Your researchquestion does not have to be perfected yet, but the style in which the […]


Create a Spotify playlist of 3-4 of your favorite music recordings. Post a description of your favorite genres and tell your classmates why you like this type of music along with a link to your playlist. Directions: 1. Open Spotify and click on +New Playlist.2. Name your playlists [your name]s Favorites. You can add an […]

Leadership in Film

Watch at least one popular film on leadership issues from the list below. In your paper, discuss the plot of the film through analysis of the designated character. What traits were displayed by the leader? What leadership skills did the leader exhibit? What leadership style(s) did the leader display? Was the character an effective leader? […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

write about a family business. As you prepare your paragraph, think about the Unit Question, “What makes a family business successful?”the topic below is for your paragraph:-Write a plan for a new family business. What kind of business will it be? Why will it be different from others? Which family members will work in your […]

Assignment 5: The Energetics of Personal Relationships

What does Covey mean by the Emotional Bank Account? Give an example from your own experience that illustrates this concept. Your example can be a positive or a not so positive experience. Consider which relationships in your life in which you sense that your emotional bank account is in the red with that person. Give […]

Research Report

Note: The assessments in this course build upon each other, so you are strongly encouraged to complete them in sequence. This course exercises many skills related to understanding statistical procedures and analysis. For this assessment, you have the opportunity to incorporate many of the skills discussed in this course into a research report. You will […]

Dementia and depression

This is for an emt course. Since we cant have hands on training we are doing a paper in the point of view of a patient or emt. This is the rubric we were given. Rubric for patient assessment research paper:2000-2500 words (APA or MLA format) The guts of the paper:        A […]

The Exonerated Five (Formerly Known as The Central Park Five) Case

1) Please view the movie, When They See Us (Only available on Netflix). This is 4-part series. You may want to space each episode out to process the content of the film. There is a lot of information and facts to integrate and analyze for your paper. 2) Your assignment is to write a 6 […]

Module 6

OverviewIn this module, you have learned about the importance of body language and vocal inflection in public speaking. In this video journal activity, you will examine a video to identify poor nonverbal practices. Use this opportunity to practice public speaking and apply the best practices you have learned. Please note that your Bongo submission is […]

Comparison of Surfactant-Polymer and Polymer Flooding in a High Temperature Sandstone Reservoir

Your assignment is to critically review one paper. You need to think independently and critically. I dont want a summary of what is in the papers. Dont copy or paraphrase the papers or conclusions in the papers. I will upload a file of the paper that you will review and I will also upload examples […]

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