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Time and Cost databases

350 to 500 word post. Instructions attached. Term: Time and Cost databases Definition: Collections of actual versus estimated times and costs of work packages over many projects, used for estimating new project tasks and their expected possible error. Previous assignment attached for example.

International HRM

A blog assignment. The topic is “Can International HRM contribute towards common model of HRM whilst different national varieties of HRM tend to persist?” Word count is 650 words. The aim is to develop and justify original arguments and then show why this conclusion has been reached. Blog structure:IntroArgument 1Argument 2 Conclusion Using examples, no […]

Rhetorical Analysis of “Say it Ain’t So, Big Leagues”

Please read the “Instructions ” file first, then write a rhetorical analysis on the file titled “Article.” The professor wants us to write the rhetorical analysis based only on the summary that is in the file title “Article.” I have also attached a sample paper if you need it.


Xu, Y., & Brown, G.T.L. (2016). Teacher assessment literacy in practice: A reconceptualization. Teaching and Teacher Education An International Journal of Research and Studies, 58, 149-162. doi: 10.1016/j.tate.2016.05.010 The reflection should be 1-2 pages double-spaced on a word.doc, if you use references, you may add them on a third page. What 2-3 things did you […]

Leadership Traits Based on the content presented in the video, what leadership traits made Steve Jobs an effective leader? Some researchers have found that leaders have certain traits related to social intelligence; how did Steve Jobs’ social intelligence play a role in his success and how did it impact people and results? Do you consider Steve […]

(you will find it in the description)

You have identified a suspected fraud involving the companys controller what must you do in response to this discovery how might this discovery effect your report on internal control when ordering a public company.  Describe the types of information that should be included in auditors working papers as evidence of auditors fraud assessment procedure.  In […]

liberal studies

Critical Analysis Essay GuidelinesExplanation of Critical Analysis Essays You are to write four formal (either APA or MLA) critical analysis essays of an assigned article, approximately 650 words each, applying principles of critical thinking to your analyses. In addition, you are to apply one Core Value to the assignment. Core Values are listed in the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Questions:1. Introducing Du Boiss Black reconstruction and the racial wage, Lemert (2018: 190191)explains that, the dominant class of whites regained their control of the American South[after the Civil War] by offering poor white workers the status of being white incompensation for their economic misery. What examples does Du Bois give of this whitestatus / privilege […]

evidence based care pathway for an identified cardiac problem/group

Criticall analyse the clinical assessment of patients with cardiac failure in order to plan and deliver care with competence and compassion.demostrate applictation of in deoth knowledge and understanding of current relevant practice and critical tunderstanding of the underlying anatomy and pathophysiology and pharmacology which influence the management of caridac failure


Time doesnt heal woundsto make you forget. It doesnt heal wounds toerase the memories. Time leaves you with a scarto remind you of how you fought through it. Time leaves you with a scarto remind you of how you bled and how you survived. You survived. Source:

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