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Ape Characteristics, Lesser Apes, and Orangutans

Answer the following questions based on the reading from Chapter 5, the websites, and the videos. Try your best to summarize the information and write what you have learned in your own words. Any text that you directly copy needs to be in quotation marks. Copying from the textbook will not be enough to get […]

The Rolling Stones as ModernismDevo as Postmodernism

Complete the below form document questions thoroughly. view the Art 1899-1999 slide lecture.View the below Modernism vs. Postmodernism Dichotomy Chart below. Then view the two videos. It is believed that each band are pioneers of these eras. (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction!- Rolling Stones vs DevoStones> Devo>

Criminal Justice Reform: An Exploration

The Adequacy of the Criminal Justice System One of the more interesting aspects of studying political science is examining public policies to learn how and whether they work to achieve the goals that gave rise to them. Public interests are not well-served if public policies fail to respond adequately. Relevant to the study of Texas […]

Discrimination in Health Care

USE ANNOTATED BIB This is an outline of the research already conducted on your intended topic. Your literature review will outline both the relevant decisions of the US Supreme Court surrounding your topic and also detail what legal commentators have written about these decisions and their strengths and weaknesses. You should summarize each authors main […]

political opposition in the Middle East

Although the Middle East is less democratic than other world regions, opposition parties andmovements in the region have long struggled for political change. Drawing on the theories andcases (countries) studied in class, answer the following three questions in a single essay.1.Describe the main forms of political opposition in the Middle East over the past few […]


How do Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness symbolically address some of the changes, disruptions, or challenges of modernity? Which issues do they address and how do they do so? Keep in mind that both works are fiction (made-up). So, if they have something to say about modernity, it is only through […]

choose one of the topics

The essay must be word-processed. 1800 -2000 words = about 6 full pages with 1″ margins on each side using the font Times News Roman set at 12 point. You should title your paper. You should have a header. The paragraph you are reading is double space. It also is in MLA format. If you […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

write 5 reading summaries, 1 summary should be 1 page. 1. Records of the Grand Historian(Document #2 and #3). 2. Chinese Religion, 119-132, 155-159; 169-173 3. Chinese religion, 105-112.Stories from A Ming Collection,1-149. 4. Six Records 5. The Story of the Stone (vol. 1) Deborah Sommer ed., Chinese Religion: An Anthology of Sources (New York:Oxford […]

The Origin of The Number 7

The essay is about the origin of the number 7 and where it came from, the essay is also about how it’s used in different places other than math, like how the number 7 shows up in the Bible a lot and is referenced to spiritual things. There also needs to be a bibliography.

Hepatitis B

Slide 1 – Title Slide Your nameHepatitis B Institutions Affiliation Slide 2 – Pathophysiology of Disease Etiology of disease process Slide 3 – Pathophysiology of Disease Pathogenesis of disease processSlide 4 – Epidemiological Considerations Impacts of age, gender, socioeconomic factors, lifestyle considerations, and geographic locationSlide 5 – Evidence-based Nursing Plan of Care-Admission (Multiple Healthcare Settings) […]

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