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Marketing Plan

Please check the “FinalPaper Instruction” file that include all pieces for the paper. By following the instruction, completed Body of the paper, You don’t need to write anything for the “1.    Introductory Pages” and “3. Appendices” parts, that is all completed by myself. The body of the paper is about “Marketing Plan for Deep Dream […]

Industrial Hygiene

Welding fumes are a common occupational exposure. Several different welding fumes can cause similar adverse health effects. Personal sampling of a welding operation at a manufacturing facility produced the following 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) results for individual metal fumes.Metal Fume    Result    OSHA PEL    ACGIH TLVAntimony    0.05 mg/m    0.5 mg/m    0.5 mg/mBeryllium    0.00001 mg/m    0.0002 mg/m    […]

Big Data

Please cite any links/sources that you use 1. Summarize about “Big Data” from the pdf2. Briefly describe what is interesting about “Big Data”3. Describe about data privacy and how much control does people have over data collected by companies and the government from pdf (you can use any source you want)

Great Performance on Film

Please write a 3-page minimum Paper (or more if you wish!) from the prompt below. BE SURE THE PAPER IS INDEED 3 PAGES MINIMUM, NOT INCLUDING WORKS CITED PAGE. The Paper must follow the standard Modern Language Association (MLA) format: typed; double-spaced; 12 point; new times roman font: heading; title; running head with page numbers; […]

Video and writing

You will be required to watch a video of Emilia Clarke and analyzing her tactics. in the document uploaded, you will upload your observation/answers on the documents. A paragraph each for each answer. You will do the same thing for part 2. Also submit a 3 minute video with volunteer or someone on the phone. […]

Examine a time when you went through a process like the banking concept of education

Write about a time in your lifewhether it was at school, home, sports, work, in a relationship, or anything like thatand specify what this was like.  Emphasize details to put the reader into the position to understand your point of view.  Use at least one quote from Paulo Freires The Banking Concept of Education for […]

SFAS No. 159

Instruction: SFAS No. 159 (see FASB 825) allows companies to value financial liabilities at fair value. If not elected, financial liabilities will continue to be accounted for under the historical cost model. Team Debate: Team 1: Present arguments in favor of measuring liabilities at fair value.

Pollution prevention act

Develop an essay that evaluates the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 that focuses on the barriers to effective implementation of the act. Use the reading attached as the basis for your essay, but develop it further with additional research. Clearly identify barriers, but do not just summarize the barriers; develop some recommendations for how this […]

Conservation of Natural Resources

A research paper OUTLINE for the issues of the Salton Sea, (Intro, body paragraphs, conclusion)! For instance, you could talk about the air pollution effects from the Salton Sea, as well as other negative  and beneficial environmental, along with wildlife factors. As the Salton Sea dries (the largest lake in California) birds are especially at […]

9: Politics & Government

watch: Read: Deep Throat was an anonymous whistleblower who was feeding Bob Woodward the information he needed to report the Watergate scandal to the nation. There are laws in place now to protect whistleblowers from retaliation, but there are also laws to punish those who leak government secrets. When are people justified […]

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