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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Task:Write multi-paragraphcritical reflection of the reading that demonstrates analysis and synthesis of the text.Format: One-Page, Double-Spaced, and 12pt font.Reading Reflection Guide: Summary & Elaboration of Ideas:Summarize the text and use key details and concepts from the text in your summary.Describe how the reading supports your understanding and thinking about the topic. Provide specific details and […]


Themes, Questions and Independent Research Summarize the main themes of the readings to which you have been assigned. Are the readings similar or different in the way that they explain the human rights of minority groups in the Middle East? Do you find the approach that the readings adopt to this issue convincing or not? […]


I have a discussion post due at 11;59 tonight. I need to read an article on anarchy and write a response in multiple paragraphs (at least 2). My professor has given us questions to answer if we are stuck but we can respond about anything. I would like if you tried to answer some of […]

Slack Group Discussion #3

From Week 3 to Week 10 Week 7, 2/15 Asia, Art, Politics to Come Film Seaweed Woman, Yamashiro Chikako (2008) – Still Hear the Wound DVD Times: [44:40-1:04:00] Mud Man, Yamashiro Chikako (2016) Readings Specters of East Asia: Okinawa, Taiwan, and Korea, Choi Jinseok (2008) In your discussions, I would like you to: […]

Naming a Business

Review the 2 articles  and answer the questions1.What are the benefits of getting the name of a business right?  Helmer (2014) and Carr (2012) both address this issue.2.What are some mistakes, identified by Helmer (2014), that are made by start-up enterprises when selecting a name?3.According to Carr (2012), how do business names point to the […]

The issues facing college students today

Question Prompt: What are the top three issues facing college students today? Include: A title Five paragraphs: introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion A perfect thesis statement with parallelism (three items, commas) at least 2 semicolons specific detailed examples

political science

I need a 250-300 word response to the article provided. It is for a discussion post in my political science class. it has to be in paragraphs so at least two or however many to split up the work. She asks questions to get us started with our responses so answer those and anything else […]

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Imagine that you own a company, Optimus, Inc., which is funded with 40% debt and 60% common stock; there is no preferred stock in the capital structure. The debt has an after-tax cost of 4%. You have studied the Electrobicycle project, and you believe that the auto company who has done the research and development […]

Music Production and the iPad

Create a presentation on a subject related to Modern Music TechnologyStart by choosing a subject from the supplied list, research the subject, prepare a presentation according to guidelines provided, then post the presentation in advance of the course deadline.You will share your presentation, and colleagues in the class will have the opportunity to view and […]

Leverage and Capital Structure

After watching the video, answer the following questions in your post: Did Alex Clark initially fund the business with equity or debt?Initially, Clarks chocolate business is very small. Compared to publicly traded companies, would Clarks required rate of return on equity be higher or lower than the average required rate of return on equity for […]

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