Archive for February 14th, 2021 is where you can view the video. Reflections are required to include: (1) a summary of your perspective on the topic (2) synthesis to course content and/ or theory (3) how you might apply the knowledge in your ECE

Reflections are required to include: (1) a summary of your perspective on the topic (2) synthesis to course content and/ or theor (3) how you might apply the knowledge in your role as an ECE professional. Please keep information concise and no more than two (2) pages in length.**If you choose to include supportive evidence […]

Pre-Journal #5

Instruction and Prompt are attached. Required Reading List: Week 7: Who is the other? Mon 2/15 – NO CLASS (UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY) Wed 2/17 Enriquez, L.E. (2019). Border-hopping Mexicans, Law-abiding Asians, and Racialized Illegality. Relational Formations of Race: Theory, Method, and Practice. Fri 2/19 Hing, J. (2014). Race, Disability, School-to-Prison Pipeline. Colorlines. Garland-Thompson. R. (2016). Becoming […]

Gender and Sex Issues

this paper is to apply two ethical theories to a social justice question and determine which one best defends its conclusion.  Be sure that you argue equally strongly on each side of the issue before you decide which approach is best.  This a sort of practice run for your final project. You can choose a […]

The road not taken

Title:     The Road Not Taken Poet:     Robert Frost 1.    Provide a brief summary of the poem. 2.    Who is the speaker? Does their point of view affect the characterization in any way or are they an impartial participant? 3.    Does the poem progress in chronological order, or is it cyclical? Does the poem […]

Morale Decision Making

Moral Decision Making Paper This paper is one you create from your own life or hypothetically. You are to create three scenarios involving moral decisions that need to be made. Step 1 is to write the scenario.  Step 2 is to list all of the legal, ethical, moral and spiritual issues involved in each scenario. […]

LastMile Corporation case study 1

First, summarize the case in ONE paragraph Then, answer the following questions: What are the other alternatives that LastMile could look at that would create a working relationship between Midwest Technologies and LastMile? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives? What are the objectives that LastMile would like to accomplish out of such […]

Summary #6

Prior to the beginning of one class each week (e.g. prior to the Tuesday class or prior to the Thursday class), students are required to write a short summary of one of the required readings for that class and upload the summary to the course website. This summary should be between 300 and 500 words […]

Drafting of the U.S. Constitution

Please complete the attached grid. Would it be possible to make this project into newsletter format? I can add the slides. I just need the other sections completed according to the template. My research question is: What are the constitutional powers of citizens?

U.S. Behavioral Insights Team

In 2010, the UK created its Behavioral Insights Team  (Links to an external site.)and the Danes formed the Danish iNudgeyou (Links to an external site.) unit. The European Nudging Network (TEN) (Links to an external site.) was launched in June 2014. Not to be left too far behind, on September 15, 2015, President Obama, through […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

PETERSON’S POLITICAL ECONOMIC STRUCTURALISM AND STONE’S URBAN REGIME ANALYSIS Summarize the main features of both theories. What does each look at (independent variables) to explain urban policy decisionmaking (dependent variables)? What else does each theory say is important for understanding urban politics?Features and flaws in both theories. What does the theory illustrate about urban life […]

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