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ABS 417 ABS417 Community Organizing and Development week 4 DQ 2

Support Sector Watch the Faith in Action: PICO Organizing Model and The Playing for Change Foundation videos. These organizations have different roles and goals. In 250-300 words, describe the different types and roles of support organizations in social action and change (Refer to text, p. 248). Also discuss the types of considerations needed to administrate […]

legal problem that you believe confronts society today

Your topic is a legal problem that you believe confronts society today- ONLINEECOMMERCE FRAUD Your essay should include the facts,and most importantly your essay should include your personal legal analysis. Focus or Thesis Statement The thesis statement names the topic of the essay and outlines the main points to be discussed. Accuracy All supportive facts […]

Learning activity 5

Explore interactive web sites and videos that relate to communication strategies also remember it is on the gay community

Discussion 2

In Chapter 5 of Diversity Consciousness, the authors discuss the need to bridge communication by demonstrating that we respect and value each other’s differences. It offers a model that includes listening and communication skills. Have you ever been in a situation when you made use of inclusive communication? What was the context and what was […]

exploring your philosophy of diversity

Write a four-to six- page paper exploring your philosophy of diversity. Be sure to relate this with what we have studied thus far as well as your journal reflections and the Cultural Plunge experience. Consider how being conscious about your own personal philosophy can help you communicate better with others. Be sure to cite at […]

Gardner/Streberg theory

ESSY QUESTION: Sternberg and Gardner have proposed multiple-intelligence theories against traditional theories that focused on a single view of intelligence. Critics of multiple-intelligence theories ask whether every specialized skill must have a separate intelligence. On the other hand, studies of the brain have shown that it processes different categories of data in different parts of […]

Multicultural Psychology

Imagine that you were asked to deliver a presentation to a local community health center, which deals with the physical and mental health issues of elderly persons from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation in which you present important cultural issues in health related to elders within two of the following groups: […]

Community Corrections

Please AGREE OR DISAGREE with the following statement: you must use 4 sources, 1 sources must be: Probation, Parole And Community CorrectionsChampionISBN 978-0-13-613058-1 Probation, one of the two main types of community corrections (parole being the other) allows for the supervision of criminal offenders within their respective resident communities.Offered in lieu of incarceration the community […]

Consumer Protection

You are required to choose the most important concept(s) or idea(s) in a chapter 15. Then, summarize the concept and describe why you think it is important for you when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Then, find a relevant case in the mass media or in your experience and explain the issue with the […]

Health care

For BLOG #3, discuss the ethical issues presented in the PBS Frontline Documentary, “Sick Around America.” You can access the documentary at: Click on “Watch the full program” on the right hand side.

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